One of These is Exactly Like the Other


Trans has successfully made it “bigotry” to oppose it. There’s a small space for anyone except religious bigots to oppose it. This silences Lesbians who are acutely aware of the pain of being a member of an oppressed minority

The other:

Janet Porter of Faith2Action says in her new video, “this battle isn’t about marriage, it’s about driving the homosexual flag into yet another segment of society and then using it as a club to silence all dissent — to label anyone who disagrees as a hater.”

I’m just observin’….



  1. It has made it bigotry to oppose it.

    Well, allright then. So long as there aren’t any actual people involved.


    • See – they’re not exactly like each other. One completely depersonalizes a group of people while trying to erase and disempower them. The other mostly does so.

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