…Like a Male-Only Catholic Priesthood ‘Discussing’ the Role of Women

Seen recently on Facebook:

Discussions about trans women taking place in a place where trans women aren’t allowed.

I wonder how many of the people ‘discussing’ this – and who will explode with Fox ‘News’-esque umbrage to any suggestion by any trans woman that said discussions are rigged – have also expressed outrage over Bob Filner’s self-imposed ‘punishment’ of not allowing Filner to have any discussions about anything with any woman without a chaperone present – leaving, of course, Filner free to make substantive policy in male-only environs.


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  1. From the Filner piece…

    “I don’t think it’s right for anyone to jump to conclusions that wrong-doing has been had…” – Lee Burdick, Filner’s new “Chief of DisStaff”.

    I think I’ll just quit there, while I’m still a bit ahead on the brain-damage game (thanks anyway).

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