I Don’t Want to Say ‘I Told You So,’ But…

Actually, I DO.

So, I think I will.

It’s Zimmer Man! But his reported rescue of the car crash seems to be falling to pieces

The responding officer who to went to the scene also happens to be a vocal George Zimmerman supporter on his Facebook account: Patrick Rehder

Newsball continues, “The plot thickens as there is NO mention of Officer Rehder meeting George Zimmerman at the crash scene anywhere on his facebook, despite the July 17th incident being sandwiched in between continual support of George Zimmerman both before, & from the aftermath of the trial.”

Who else did not mention the accident? The people involved in the accident. Also, there are no pictures or videos of said accident. And the mother involved in the supposed crash deleted her Facebook page after being asked about the authenticity of the incident

Using Internet vernacular, pics or it didn’t happen.

Memo to Anthony Weiner

Go away.

Apparently, No One in Corporate Media Has Ever Seen the Movie ‘The Contender’

From C(orporate)NN:

Four days after he was acquitted of murder, George Zimmerman stepped out of seclusion to help a family get out of an overturned vehicle in Florida, authorities said Monday.

A refresher: The Contender.

I’m just wonderin’….

Pic of the Day: July 22, 2013 (Special ‘Non-Royal, Non-Baby’ Edition)

A week ago, Victor Sanchez of the Clinton Lumberkings threw a no-hitter.  Today he didn’t fare quite as well, ending up with a no-decision in a 7-1 loss to the Great Lakes Loons, at Ashford University Field in Clinton, Iowa.

And People Like Her Are Why So Few Trans Women Are Ever Allowed to Become “Established” Scholars

The publisher Routledge is following standard Gay, Inc. operating procedure: Everything about trans existence not only can be questioned but must be questioned, and trans people have no standing to even suggest that legitimizing an anti-trans work is the moral and scientific equivalent of legitimizing any given anti-gay tract by any given talking-head du jour from NOM or Focus on the Family.

On 5 July, we received a reply from Jeremy North, Managing Director of Books at Taylor & Francis. He assured us of Francis & Taylor’s high academic standards and rigorous vetting process and wrote:

At the top of our criteria in assessing suitability for publication is content that meets the highest standards of academic scholarship. Sheila Jeffreys is an established, albeit sometimes controversial, scholar. Her proposal was subjected to multiple peer review and we are confident on the basis of the scholarly feedback and the author’s track record that is should be published.

The reply in question was to a letter by Dallas Denny and Jamison Green questioning the decision by Routledge (an imprint of Taylor & Francis) that the world needed yet another book legitimizing trans-exterminationism – this time by transphobes Sheila Jeffreys and Lorene Gottschalk.

Anyone who believes that any of the ‘peers’ on that ‘peer review’ did contain any trans people and did not contain one or more TERFs needs – or perhaps has already had – a lobotomy.

When North’s employer is willing to similarly legitimize works questioning the existence of homosexuality and/or opposing feminism, I’ll stop looking upon his response as a fetid turd-filled lie that easily could have been a slightly-reworked draft of the stock responses to a certain ‘peer reviewed’ work by a certain ‘ established, albeit sometimes controversial, scholar’ a decade ago.

So? I’m Sure He Sees Rick Perry All the Time

From the Texas Observer:

David Dewhurst Claims He Saw ‘Bags of Feces’ at Capitol

“I just call it the radical lesbian feminist ‘Fred Phelps Brigade.'”

Find out who “it” is that Jenn Burleton is referring to here.

Hint: She’s reminiscing about playing at the Mychygyn Transphobya Festyval as a then-stealth trans woman.