I’ve Had Just About Enough of ‘Elite Gays’ Who Whine About Being Referred to as ‘Elite Gays’

I’m just sayin’.

But, don’t take my word for it.  His own whining about making too much to get the Bush-era tax rebate check pretty much tattooed ‘Elite Gay’ on his forehead.  I’m just reminding people about the layers of make-up he’s applied to try to cover it up.


  1. Show some sympathy girl. It’s hard out there, for a pimp on K Street.

  2. Posted in the thread, got banned from the site. Was much nicer than that “SkepticalCicada” creep, but apparently Americablog is pretty much an outpost of the Log Cabin Republicans, so they strongly discourage disagreeing with the Dear Leader.

  3. Oh Kat, you post some funny shit. John and Mike Rogers should get together and have a wittle cry over how white gays have it so awful.

    I’m still LOLing at this.

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