Are gays selling out by seeking the right to marry?

But, of course, The John – typically – decceptively asks the wrong question, because few if any in LGBT land criticizes LGs for “seeking” the right to marry.

Reality-based people – and not limited to those states without LGBT anti-discriminaion laws, but certainly concentrated there – who have far more concern about finding and maintaining employment in an economy destroyed by people whose policies more than a few of those afflicted with Marriage Derangement Syndrome have no problem with than with marriage.

“Yes” is the answer to the question that The John should have asked – a question which history (which includes him having a quantification addiction when he got his transphobia on in 2007) has long since demonstrated that he will not ask: Are gays selling out by ensuring that seeking the right to marry is the first, last and only item that is actually on the agenda?

The John – liar, racist, elitist biphobe and transphobe extraordinaire – picked the week after the Trayvon Martin atrocity to whine about how demonized “gay white men” are by the people whose concerns the “gay white men” (and women) of Gay, Inc. have flushed down the toilet to ensure that the definition and yardstick of “equality” is gay marriage and nothing else but gay marriage.

Way to go.

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  1. I like his site these days. It’s the go to place for cute kitteh videos.

    I guess he’s running out of steam – all he’s got left in him are these concern troll articles on race and trans people.

    The only decent articles left are from his contributors like Gaius.

    But – lot’s of video’s of cooking a cute kittehs!!!!!

    Maybe he should get a job?

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