A Well-Professed ‘Award Winning’ Lesbian Writer Should Have Some Familiarity With How Groundless Libel Suits Can End Up (Part Two)

Cristan Williams documents:


Cristan’s summation:

I might be some nobody blogger, but even I know that before I make a fact assertion (especially about something like this), I’d better have objective evidence to back it up.

There’s a reason Brownworth refuses to share her documentation of my threats: it doesn’t exist.


  1. VABVOX: “Yes, he did.”

    Such a sweetheart! Such a dear!

    An ideal writer to assign to trans-related topics: Victoria Brownworth’s TERFitude will cast enlightenment on every dark corner into which it is thrown.

  2. Doubling down is the kind of strategy that leaves you begging for bus money in Vegas.

    Someone’s going to be on the Greyhound.

    • Actually – in the parlance of a Direct TV commercial – someone’s going to be selling her hair.

  3. And it looks like the Philly Gay News editor says that Ms. Brownworth’s statement that the paper is suing Ms. Williams for libel is a falsehood.



    • “a falsehood”

      You mean like a bald-faced, libelous lie?

      The setting: a restroom, with a slanted floor a la the villains’ lairs in the 1960s Batman television series and a toilet with green mucus swirling in it (though never going down the pipe) – all representing Ms. Brownworth’s diseased faux morality.

      In the wings: The ghosts of Oscar Wilde, the Marquess of Gueensberry, Liberace and Howard Cossel.

      Act II begins after intermission….

      • I would lay good odds on the other statement of a police report being filed is just as true as the report of the Philly Gay News filing a lawsuit.

        So – would you hire a reporter who fabricates facts to intimidate critics? Just asking.

        • Are you implying that I’m Rupert Murdoch?

          • It was a general question to the public. Hey – I wonder if there’s an award category for dissembling?

            • No, but she appears to be trying to win the award for dissing.

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