And in this Corner, A Man Incapable of Believing That Any Non-Trans Gay Person Could Ever Act Discriminatorily Against a Trans Person [UPDATED]

It must be difficult fundraising for an organization that’s “already won” from the perspective of many prospective donors.

Yeh, it must be – and even harder to admit for someone who apparently has ignored the repeated warnings from trans people that each Gay, Inc. tentacle is going to do just what OS-SLDN apparently has done when it gets what it wants for Teh LGB.

Apparently, fundraising for an organization that’s “already won” from the perspective of many prospective donors is, however, far more difficult than being Roy Cohn: The Next Generation, defending Gay, Inc., instead of the Mob.

Yes, The John absolutely refuses to believe that any aspect of the Allyson Robinson firing could possibly be evidence of gay transphobia.

The John…

The author of:

How Did the T Get in LGBT?

The John belches forth an absolute refusal to believe that any aspect of the Allyson Robinson firing could possibly be evidence of gay transphobia – just in time for the first actual action on ENDA by Congress since he defended HRC’s criminal fraud six years ago as part of his overall defense of St. Barney and Gay, Inc.

Building off momentum from major decisions at the Supreme Court in favor of marriage equality, a Senate committee is set to hold a vote July 10 on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the Washington Blade has learned.

The Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee has scheduled the markup for the LGBT job anti-bias legislation two weeks to the day that the Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8.

What a co-inky-dinky, eh?

A chance for all of the non-trans gay congressional staffers to get together with all of the non-trans gay employees of HRC and titter over all of the suggestions by the Screaming Trannies™ that Gay, Inc. could act unethically toward trans people….

while figuring out ways for 2013 to become 2007, Jr. without it looking too much like 2007.

Sometimes people get fired because they’re gay, or bi or trans.  And sometimes they get fired because they deserve it.

And sometimes certain gay men get called transphobic bigots because they deserve it.

From the second that word leaked out about the Robinson situation, The John. much like Mafia members being unwilling to acknowldge that anything called the Mafia exists, was unwilling to accept the possibility that that thing of his could be at play.

Apologism from The John:

Gay/trans organizations have a long history of problems between their boards and executive directors.  Just a few weeks ago, the gay head of GLAAD resigned after only one year on the job – and he had replaced another gay ED that was forced out.  Sometimes ED’s are forced out unfairly, and sometimes they’re not.

The John also has a different take on the story overall:

[M]y sources tell me that Robinson has not been fired, nor has she resigned, but that a movement was brewing to remove her as executive director of the organization when the story went public.

While the details of this story are still somewhat murky, it seems that there was a movement underway by some in the board of directors to remove Robinson for a reason yet unknown, but possibly tied to the resignation of longtime Chief Financial Officer Francisco Ramirez last month.

Interestingly, one month ago, OutServe-SLDN’s chief financial officer Francisco (Pancho) Ramirez resigned.  Ramirez had been with the organization since 2005.   I hear that Ramirez’ resignation was related to the move against Allyson Robinson.  Robinson reportedly wanted Ramirez gone, and he resigned because of Robinson.

Not surprisingly, The John isn’t even willing to specifically ask whether Ramirez might be a transphobe or have been otherwise predisposed against working for Robinson.  To be fair, I know nothing of Ramirez, but there seems to be plenty of contortionist-quality wordsmithery afoot in avoidance of placing whatever has transpired re: Robinson in the larger context of a Gay, Inc. pattern and practice of employment discrimination against trans women.

Oh yeh…

And lets not forget:


Memo to The John: Neither you nor the people responsible for the OS-SLDN debacle are the moral equivalent of people who happen to have Italian surnames but who are being officially presumed to be in or connected to the Mafia.  OS-SLDN is part of Gay, Inc., and you are one of Gay, Inc.’s loudest and most obnoxious apologists where the issue of Gay, Inc. transphobia arises.

And 2007 happened.

Innocent-until-proven-guilty is not applicable here  Rather, an analogue to strict scrutiny – the principle by which a law is, for all practical purposes, presumed unconstitutional – is.

I’ll repeat what I said in response to The Bil:

Resigning Board Member Beth] Schissel refers to “an organization in chaos that has put egos before mission,” in her letter and multiple sources are suggesting that Seefried’s motivation to seek Robinson’s removal had nothing to do with fundraising abilities or anti-trans bias. Instead, they – like Schissel – claim that the actual reason is petty jealousy.

According to one person close to the situation who asked to remain anonymous because they’re not allowed to speak for the organization, “This boils down to Josh wanting to be the one and only star [of] the show and seeing Allyson’s star rising and [he] is insanely jealous and threatened by her influence over the membership and in the movement.”

It may be petty or even insane jealousy in part or even in large part, but only the most naive of people would refuse to even consider that – and this is NOT intended as an indictment of all or even most gay men but of the individual in question and those of like professional-activism-class stature – where a gay man would engineer something like this against a trans woman that there is no transphobia whatsoever involved.

All one should need to remind the non-brainless of this is Gay, Inc.’s ongoing pattern and practice of genocidal-level employment discrimination against trans women.

True, the man in question might well be a Nobel Laureate in Assholery – and it could prove to be the case that assholery was his sole motivation.

But that possibility does not mandate – or even strongly suggest – that transphobia be eliminated as at least a possible partial/significant motivating factor.

Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something – and it isn’t something that will help any of us (including Allyson Robinson.)

And I do stand by the emperical possibility that it could prove to be the case that non-transphobia-saturated assholery was the sole motivation for the treatment of Robinson.

But it is THEIR job to prove it.

At ths point, anyone with a functioning brain has the right – no, the obligation – to assume that transphobia was at play at least to some degree.

Momentarily assuminng that the mythical thing known as ‘Hell’ exists, if I found myself there I wouldn’t even take free ice water from The John, much less buy it from him if he were selling it…

because it would probably come in plastic bottles emblazoned with the HRC marriage logo….

and The John’s supplier would probably be Roy Cohn.

[UPDATE – 07/02/2013, Noon, CDT]

How do you know when you’ve found the guilty party?  When it – and its defenders – start claiming that the proof of guilt is a ‘conspiracy theory.’

Michael Bedwell

[T]hank you for having the guts to touch the third rail of Transgender Conspiracy Theories.

[UPDATE – 07/02/2013, 1:27 pm CDT]

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar….
– Felix Unger

John, John, John…

Yes, trans people aren’t allowed to serve openly, but you’re not seeing them on television coming out and being kicked out.

Maybe some (most? all?) of them have seen how little support they will get from the Gay, Inc. that many (most? all?) have closetedly/financially supported over the years?

Maybe a few more would if they had Point Foundation scholarships (or something similar) waiting for them when they came out.

Katie Miller spent the first half of her undergraduate education at the United States Military Academy. At West Point, she ranked 8th out of her class of over 1,100 cadets when evaluated on academic performance, physical fitness and military leadership.  However, Miller could not square her honor as an aspiring Army Officer with the daily half-truths required from her under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. In 2010, she publicly announced resignation from the academy on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show and was honorably discharged from the military.

Now, make no mistake.  I am in no way chiding this person’s life path.  But, I remember her coming out.  Having applied for Point Foundation scholarships on a couple of occasions myself, I know that they (like most if not all scholarships) are not things that you can just snap your fingers or wiggle your nose and cause to appear (and, no, this isn’t a slap at the Point Foundation; I know that it has awarded a scholarship to at least one trans woman and, when I applied, I do think my application might not have been up to par.)  [UPDATE/NOTE – 3/30/2014: the application in question was several years ago; as to a much more recent one, the PF has no excuse for its (in)action – other than just being another tentacle of Gay, Inc.] She had to have applied well before that appearance on Rachel’s show – and no one should begrudge her that (though I always did find it curious that no one – at least no one I saw – asked about that.)

But how many trans people in the military (or one of the academies) are in a position to do that?

I’m sure this will get The John’s panties in a twist but, as usual, it all goes back to The John’s predecessors-in-transphobic-interest foring trans people out of oour own movement decades ago.  Neither The John nor his compatriots have any standing to complain now when trans people point out the obvious – be it historical or contemporaneous – and demand reparations.


1 Comment

  1. It’s hard for some guys to read between the lines or understand institutional prejudices – so long as they don’t effect them.

    When a guy has problems because the woman hired to do be in charge and be the spokesperson is actually seen as being in charge and being the spokesperson – you have to consider that misogyny plays some role. Especially given he takes irregular procedures to remove that woman and has most of the staff, much of the board and most of his organizational affiliates supporting the woman and asking for his ouster. You can rationalize this as it’s petty jealousy – but – then you need to show other examples with men from this persons past. Which no one s showing for the Board Chair.

    When it’s a woman with a trans history – it’s a give that the misogyny is informed by at least an equal measure of transphobia.

    To steal a line from my friend M about John:

    “The rumour is they were in financial ruin, WE NEED TO STOP WITH THE RUMOURS!”

    John – as always with trans people – projects his own issues on to us.

    Bedwell is just a crank – the only thing he can point to that he’s actually done or run for the community is that he was someone’s friend a few decades ago.

    But – again – no regular rules of conduct need to be followed by an org when trans people are involved. This would normally be seen as a process informed by a malign intent. With us – it’s just considered the natural order. And those who like the outcome overlook the irregular process to focus on the person maligned and their shortcomings in a vacuum.

    Move along, nothing to see here. It’s just Chinatown.

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