So, All Chad Griffin Can Think of Are People in Bakersfield and Fresno Who Are Happy Upon Receiving Tweets About the SCOTUS Decisions?


But, all I can think about is that all of the non-trans LGB married people in New York, New Hampshire and Maryland (and, as to public accommodations, Massachusetts) can now legally discriminate against trans people, secure in the knowledge that their marriages are now federally recognized.

Apparently the Science that Texas Republicans Don’t Believe in Now Includes Time


According to christianist psychopath – and former KHOU-TV sportscaster – Sen. Dan Patrick, “We started the vote before midnight.”

Well, by that standard, if Patrick paints himself blue – as he used to do back in the day – and says the Houston Oilers not only still exist but still play their home games in Houston, then there will be NFL football in the Astrodome come August because the franchise started in Houston.

Ain’t it funny how christianist Republicans are all for the letter of the law – until the letter of the law doesn’t work in their favor?


I guess it really isn’t, is it?

As Cristan Williams just remarked on Facebook:

Republicans broke procedure, voted after midnight. If you’re female, the rules count. If you’re Republican, the rules don’t count.

A New Question

At what point must a female senator raise her hand to be recognized over her male colleagues?
     – Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (D – TX)


And she’s an in-law of a trans woman.


Quite possibly.

The Question Remains

Victoria Brownworth, PGN and Transkids

Why is the Philadelphia Gay News allowing a known and repeatedly proven transphobe to be given space to (pseudo-)journalistically define trans lives?


Why, PGN?


“Our message today to the American people is simple: we are voting so you won’t have to”

That’s Andy Borowitz summarizing Scalia and the Korporate Kristian Kourt’s declaration that African-Americans having 48 years to vote is enough.

Writing for the majority, Justice Scalia stated, “Since 1965, citizens across the nation have lived under the tyranny of being forced to elect people to represent them. This is an important step to free them from that unfair and heinous obligation.”

“Many of them have been forced to drive to polling places, wait in line, and then cast their vote because of the oppressive requirements of this Act,” he wrote. “It is our honor and duty to free them from those hardships.”

I am purposely NOT tagging this as satire.

But, Isn’t Joel Osteen Painting Himself as an Expert on God?

If not, wouldn’t that make his recent shtick with respect to the Wallenda stunt – not to mention everything else in his life – just a scam?


Silly me.

One of the instances where I’m inclined to agree with The John.

it’s a good indication of the divide we face in this nation between right and left, reason and faith, and more.

What is “it”?

The John offers several reasons that, as logic goes, this is a steaming turd.  Sadly, most of The John’s are, in one form or another, predicated on the existence of the non-existent.  However, he does offer one solidly fact-centric reason that Osteen should, for the first time in his life, do something productive – in the form of dropping some seeds on his head and letting them grow, which they would rather quickly given that his head is circus-grade fertilizer.

It’s a lot easier for a ship to survive when it’s not clear it ever even existed.

Perhaps con-artist Joel will remind everyone of the time that his con-artist father said that he stayed home one day after having a divine premonition about a bomb that had been sent to his church – a bomb which exploded and injured his daughter – but couldn’t be bothered to give the daughter a heads up to stay home as well.

Because Victoria Brownworth is Such a Friend to Trans Women

h/t Joelle Ruby Ryan