The Reality of Gay, Inc. Employment Policy

I can’t say that I’m a big fan – or any level of fan – of Maryland insta-activist Sharon Brackett.

However, when she says something worthwhile…

Allyson [Robinson] was the first trans director of any national LGBT organization and previously was, to my knowledge, the only trans staffer at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Imagine my surprise when I learned this morning (6/23/13) that she had been canned after only 9 months of service.

I really cannot comment on the reasoning but I can comment on the “optics”.

A lot of hubbub was made about Allyson’s appointment last fall, as is often made with the first trans person to do this or that, like my new friend Kristin [Beck, former Navy SEAL]. But I suspect that many in traditional LGB(T) organizations are less than enamored when those persons actually do something, other than mark a news headline about how progressive they are by hiring them in the first place.

To my knowledge, organizations like HRC and NGLTF have no male-to-female trans staffers and very few board members. And even when openings do appear they seem to be populated quickly, using little or no process, with cis-gender (non-trans) persons.

You mean like purported trans organization NCTE hiring the non-trans Lisa Mottet while numerous better-qualified trans people are on the market?  And like her former employer, NGLTF, for all practical not even acknowleding one particular well-qualified trans woman’s application to be considered for the position she vacated (a position that, to the best of my knowledge, no trans person had ever been considered for in the first instance a dozen years ago despite numerous better-qualified trans people being on the market at the time and seeking employment in Gay, Inc.)?

I venture to say that OutServe-SLDN’s optics problem is pervasive in the LGBT Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC). Perhaps this can change, but I have my doubts.


Try mandatory.

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