Radphlegms Tell Us This Never Happens

Bystanders cheer as women attack, beat D.C. drag performer

A male drag performer was punched, kicked, and dragged by his hair on the floor at the Manny & Olga’s pizzeria on 14th Street, N.W., about 2 a.m. Sunday by two female attackers in an incident that was captured on video taken by a bystander who cheered the attackers.

Miles DeNiro, 24, who had just performed under his drag name Heidi Glum at the nearby Black Cat nightclub, said he suffered cuts and bruises to his head and upper body and had clumps of hair pulled from his head in an encounter he described as horrifying and traumatic.

“I had ordered some food and was waiting and one girl approached me and she started touching my face, telling me I needed to blend my makeup,” DeNiro told the Washington Blade.

DeNiro, who said he identifies as a gay man, said he was dressed in drag after just having completed a performance at the Black Cat.

He said he asked the woman not to touch him and to “please back off” when another woman approached him and began calling him a “tranny” and “shouted insults at me saying I was a man and a faggot.” He said he shouted back as the name-calling escalated and one of the women slapped him in the face twice.


I guess these two must be men.

Or will the radphlegms offer up a rationalization defense that is even more racist than the remarks DeNiro unfortunately tweeted in the immediate aftermath of the aggravated assault hate crime (and, if posts I’ve seen on Facebook are accurate, has posted in other contexts about other people as well so as to likely qualify DeNiro as a racist)?


  1. Sure never – tell that to Chrissy Polis – or have a nice chat with Joanne Lillecrapp’s dismembered corpse.

  2. ICK.

    … DeNiro spits in the face of one of the women @40s, and then they begin to assault him… ow.

    Looks to me like all three deserve to be charged, though the assault is a much more serious offense… and can’t the guy cheering “World Star! World Star!” be charged with something?

    Shit. I hope so. … provocateur.

    This is just godawful to watch… “battlin’ morons on parade”. It sounds like someone off-camera is trying to get the women to calm down before the fracas begins, but that sure didn’t work.


  3. From my reading of the article, one of the women slapped DeNiro across the face twice while shouting “faggot” at him, and then he spat in her face.

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