I Have the Utmost Confidence that Republican Texas Attorney General Greg ‘I Never Met a Voting Right That I Haven’t Wanted to Take Away From Minorities’ Abbott Will Swiftly Prosecute All of the Republican Sentators Involved

Sen. Wendy Davis told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that a fellow senator was informed by a Capitol staff member that the official voting documents had been purposefully changed to falsify the time of the vote on SB 5, the bill killed in her dramatic Tuesday night filibuster.

The discovery was important, she said, because had the vote been stamped on 6/25, rather than 6/26, the bill would have passed.

“We know it was purposeful,” she said. “I think there will be further investigation.”

Then again, I think that the word ‘news’ in “Fox ‘News'” shouldn’t have the disbelief quotes around it.

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