A Gay Paper Hiring Victoria Brownworth to Write About Trans Women in 2013 is Like…



a gay paper hiring Victoria Brownworth to write about trans women in 1981.

You know…

Victims of the night: Stories of trans sex workers
by Victoria A. Brownworth

Usually, over the course of 32 years, a turd out in the open will dry up and blow away.

But, nothing is as it usually is where the gay rights industry is concerned.

So, actually, a gay paper hiring Victoria Brownworth to write about trans women in 2013 is not like a gay paper hiring Victoria Brownworth to write about trans women in 1981.

Its infinitely worse.

Or, as Kathy sums it up in the comments:

Look – it’s just an insult to have Victoria assigned to write about trans people.

She has a decades long – well – antipathy is the kindest word – towards trans women.

I understand wanting to help your friend rehabilitate herself and enter the new century – but – it’s just incredibly dis-empowering to have her write on these long form policyish pieces on our lives.

Why not hire one of us to write those pieces and let her write about her segment of the community?

I’m sure that all of the trans women employed by HRC, NGLTF, Lambda Legal, NCLR, etc. will be speaking out about PGN’s ridiculousness…

any century now.


  1. […] is the Philadelphia Gay News allowing a known and repeatedly proven transphobe to be given space to (pseudo-)journalistically […]

  2. Never mind a pedophile or at least someone who could be considered to be one.( by her own words at checking out the genitals of , she thought, a 15 year old,) Doesn’t matter if he asked or not and also didn’t sound like it was something he really wanted to show you if you had to ask to look at which point he looked away and had someone else comply for you. Imagine if that was the story a man used on a 15 year old girl.(I’m sure that would have been just fine too) O also noticed how she lies in posting that Renee Richards says she regrets having surgery then implies that Kate Bornstein is also saying this. This person, appears to be a woman but sure acts like many men I have had the misfortune to run into over the years. Use any and all means to keep others down even if it means lying, cheating and or brutalizing them.

  3. […] Looks like I owe an apology to Republican lawyers. Clearly, PGN let Brownworth herself pen this editorial as this line sounds suspiciously like most of the irrelevant responses she left to historically-substantive comments made by rightfully-horrified members of the trans community in the comments section to her piece last week. […]

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