Beware the Fake Moderates

They’re often named ‘Chris Christie’:

Lobbyist Chris Christie worked to remove securities fraud from a consumer fraud act on behalf of an organization run by Bernie Madoff.

And they’re often found in bed with fake liberals, like Rahm Emanuel:

Christie has an undeserved reputation as a moderate. His record is that of a hard core right-winger, far out of step with most New Jersey voters. [Christie’s Democrat challenger in the November re-election race Barbara] Buono has been having a hard time raising money and Christie is busy defining her before she can define herself. So far Christie has raised $6.6 million and Buono has raised $2.3 million. The Newark Star-Ledger reported yesterday that Christie has been reaping a great deal of money from Democrats, many sent his way by Rahm Emanuel, a conservative with many of the same pro-Wall Street policy agendas as Christie. I know it isn’t politically correct to say “retarded,” but that’s probably the best way to describe the “Democrats” writing big checks to Christie.

I wonder how many of those “Democrats” drive Beamers with red equal signs – and license plates from either Maryland, New York or Delaware – on them.

As I remarked on Facebook:  Insert the Bill Hicks routine about the two puppets, each operated by hands that come from the same body here.

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