Uh Huh – And Spiro Agnew Resigned to Spend More Time With His Family

From C&L:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) announced early Wednesday morning that she will not seek a fifth term in office.

Bachmann also made it clear that her decision not to seek re-election had nothing to do with the ongoing ethics investigation about alleged misconduct during her failed presidential campaign in 2012.

Now, if she’d said it had something to do with having to devote time to consoling her hubba-hubba hubby who went on an emotional rollercoaster during HBO’s broadcast of the Liberace movie Sunday night….

The Time Has Come: No More Special Rights for Christians

From Examiner.com:

There’s a rampant crime spree going on in America.  You won’t hear about it through most media sources, and you aren’t likely to hear anyone calling it what it really is:  a Christian crime spree.  But that’s a very accurate description.

Over the last few years, various atheist and skeptic groups have started posting billboards, banners, and other advertisements all over the country.  In response, many Christians are taking it upon themselves to steal or deface them.  The most recent incident was in Virginia,  where a Freedom from Religion Foundation banner was stolen.  The press release title is telling:  “Another FFRF solstice banner disappears.”  All told, FFRF placed 12 banners in December 2012.  Five of them were stolen or vandalized.  (That’s 42%.)

Of course, the public is outraged, right?  Freedom of speech is sacred, right?  Well, maybe not so much.  In fact, if the media and blogosphere are to be believed, it’s the atheists’ fault for speaking something so unspeakable.  The idea that there are atheists out there who would dare to mention their beliefs?  Intolerable.  Said one blogger,

Never would I encourage vandalism, but in this case I think I’ll let it slide. Atheists have been vandalizing my beliefs for years, so it’s about time the shoe was on the other foot…

[L]et’s admit that regardless of legal hair-splitting, these are hate crimes.  They are crimes committed by people who hate our views and even hate us so much that they take it upon themselves to prevent other people from hearing our voices.  The existence of Christian hate for atheists is so well documented at this point that there ought to be no need for justification.  Nevertheless, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind readers of the inexcusable treatment of Jessica Ahlquist.  Or the litany of abuses hurled at atheists during the 9/11 Memorial lawsuit.  There are a lot of Christians who hate atheists.  It is surely these Christians who have also resorted to crime in the name of Jesus.

So why isn’t Darrell Issa holding a hearing to investigate these incidents?

The Continuing Saga of the Ollie’s BBQ of Feminism

The zombie that used to be the Advocate asks:

Is It Wrong to Perform at Michfest?

The only legitimate answer?  “Yes.  End of story.”

Surprisingly, the responses at zombocate are in line with that reality (I guess the TERFs are too busy propping up anti-woman MRA sites to have noticed.)

However, an African-American woman responded on Facebook thusly:

I dont think it tran-phobic to want to be in a space for women born women, no more than I think it “racist” for women of color to have our own tent “on the land”…

why cant trans women creat their own festival?

I dont think it WRONG to want to be with women who are born women…if that makes me…whatever..then..whatever

My response: It makes her Ollie McClung.

Curiouser and Curiouser – Yet, At the Same Time, Not at All Surprising

Cristan Williams has had some interesting (non-)interaction with a certain trans-exterminationist who claims her trans-exterminationism is all about the rights of women.

About a month ago, Brennan began contacting me. She sent me her personal phone number and email saying that should I ever have questions, I should feel free to contact her. I did contact her. We played telephone tag, sent texts and when at last I had a firm commitment for a scheduled phone call, she apparently ignored my call. Since I couldn’t get her on the phone, 10 days ago I sent her an email with the questions I had for her and thus far she’s ignored them. Moreover, while I was waiting for her to make good on her offer to answer some questions, she apparently contacted a MRA site and asked to be a contributing author on their site.

Yes. Cathy Brennan: MRA activist.

Here’s the email Brennan apparently sent to someone named Loy Finly over at avoiceformen.com:

Hi. I'm Cathy "Bug" Brennan and I want to support the Men's Rights Movement.

Hi. I’m Cathy “Bug” Brennan and I want to support the Men’s Rights Movement.

I strongly suggest reading all of Cristan’s post.

Fifteen Years Ago

From Carmen Vasquez in Gay Community News, V. 24, Iss. 1, from 1998 (sorry, I couldn’t find an active link):

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) decision to endorse Al D’Amato, more than any other in their history as a mainstream organization, signals far more than the focused and pragmatic willingness to compromise ascribed them by the New York Times (Week in Review, Sunday, October 25.)

There is a considerable number of progressive, left of center activists in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement who are focused, pragmatic and willing to compromise when necessary. We do not, however, for the sake of courting right-wing favor in Congress. HRC’s endorsement of a pro-life candidate who has effectively denied millions of American women the right to choose what to do with our own bodies is not pragmatic. It is wrong. Their endorsement of a man who has repeatedly embarrassed the office of the Senate with his racism and anti-Semitism (mocking Judge Lance Ito’s ethnicity, the more recent attempt to use the Holocaust as a campaign smearing device against Chuck Schumer, who is Jewish) is not simple pragmatism. It is complete capitulation to the right-wing of this country.

[We] should have little use for the people who position themselves as friends of the homophobic, hate-mongering, racially-bigoted Junior Senator from New York or his Party.

I’ve yet to hear any serious discussion (or, for that matter, any discussion at all) of even the possibility that HRC’s insane endorsement of a racist, misogynist Republican over Democrat Chuck Schumer in 1998 might be resulting in payback by Schumer via his not being willing to put any muscle into gay inclusion in the immigration bill.

Why does HRC never pay any price for its sins?  Or for its incompetence?  Particularly when the sins and incompetence of the anti-Schumer endorsement of 1998 seem to be affecting the pragmatism crowd d/b/a/ the Marriage Derangement Syndrome-addled the most?

Does history only matter to Gay, Inc., – and its apologists – when they wants to distort, sanitize and/or erase it for fundraising?

Rationalization Meth

If someone runs two businesses, one of which not only abides by notions humanity but also obeys the law while the other operates as if it were a pillar of the Yazoo County, Mississippi Chamber of Commerce, ca. 1830, the purity of the one does not earn a pass for the second.

All of the above refers to something that has been playing out in one of the states where married gays and lesbians have the legal right to discriminate against trans people.

For those of you lucky enough to not live in New York over the last few days, you may have missed that a local “inclusive” queer party booked JD Samson, of MEN, who is playing MichFest 2013 and is violating the boycott. When their audience, the queers of Brooklyn, starting posting concerned messages and asking them to cancel the performance, the organizers briefly argued back, and then finally, in the eleventh hour, relented and cancelled on JD. (We, the Topside folks, were literally about to start printing flyers to take to protest the party when it was finally announced that JD was out.)

[S]omeone named Chelsea P.R. Menth told trans women who wanted JD out to “burn.” She later deleted many of her comments, realizing perhaps that they contained hate speech above and beyond what had been thrown at trans women, on this page at least,  before.

We’re posting them so that these are not lost, because they are part of the conversation, because this is what we are up against, in our own communities, among our “allies” and at our “parties.”

MichFest is a cancer in our community that we need to deal with in a real way, today, for good, so that the healing can even hope to begin. Lisa Vogel saying it is OK to discriminate against trans women in Hart, MI creates a climate in the US where it is OK to tell trans women to burn. Anyone who thinks differently is unbelievably naive.

Or, to also respond to the rationalization of “Chelsea”:  If someone runs two businesses, one of which not only abides by notions humanity but also obeys the law (after all, radphlegms believe the trans people are already protected, no?) while the other operates as if it were the Michigan Trans-exterminationism Festival ca. any point in time, the purity of the one does not earn a pass for the second.

Pic of the Day: May 27, 2013 (Special ‘Crocapug’ Edition)


There’s a croc; there’s a pug…

all, approximately two weeks ago.

Okay, whaddaya want? Its late!


Cue the Napoleon XIV….

Program # 380, October 7, 2002

Wayne Beyer & Scott Kerlin, doctor and researcher, on the impact of DES exposure on male offspring


Cue the Marvin Hamlisch….

Program # 473, August 9, 2004

Mara Keisling, director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, on the Human Rights Campaign’s decision to exclusively support trans-inclusive  employment non-discrimination legislation

The Irony of the Undead

I think we’ve all finally agreed that what used to be the Advocate is thoroughly dead, right?

And yet, we’ve also all seen Night of the Living Dead.


I now present Night of the Living Advocate:

Op-ed: Democrats Throw Queers Under the Bus—Again

Senate Democrats showed their true colors when they left LGBT families and individuals out of this week’s sweeping immigration reform bill.


What makes that so zombiefied – and a little bit whole lot of ironic on the side?

Its author:

Victoria A. Brownworth

Oh yes…

That Victoria A. Brownworth.

There is no wrong moment for equality. And anyone who thinks so is not a true ally.

I doubt seriously if any trans woman has ever mistaken Victoria A. Brownworth for an ally – 32 years ago or now.

Of course, 32 years ago, the Advocate was a serious (albeit not just transphobic but hostile to pretty much anything that its owner, David Goodstein, didn’t like) magazine.

Now, it is less than dead, a zombie so deprived of not just blood and oxygen but brain activity that even Bill Hicks likely would take pity on it and not make fun of its inability to appreciate the irony of letting first-generation TERF Victoria A. Brownworth be its voice of whinery about Democratic ‘allies’ throwing a form of the gay marriage issue under the immigration bus.