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Is It Wrong to Perform at Michfest?



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We’re looking at YOU, employee o’ NGLTF.


But Uncritically Accepting Anything Uttered by HRC as Being Ex Cathedra IS Progress?

It might be for some – but 99.99% of the people HRC claims to speak for would not be allowed into their homes (except via the servants’ entrances.)

Seen recently on Facebook

Progress?  Lets ask all of HRC’s trans employees about that, shall we?

Fair-minded?  Lets ask Chuck Schumer about that, shall we?



Those words…

I do not think that they mean what you think they mean.

Seeing Yourself Spoken for by White Millionaire Female Lawyers Who Got Rich Defending Loan Sharks Will Do That

And I’m not even sure that Mia McKenzie has ever had a bug(vomit) infestation – but she writes like she’s seen the vomitous end of one.

I don’t feel any universal connection with all people who are born with female parts. I’m not sure I know anyone who actually does, not when you really break it down. Because, despite what mainstream (white) feminism and tampon commercials would have us believe, “shared” female experience isn’t really all that “shared” at all.

Yet, the myth of shared female experience prevails. It gets used by certain groups, including Michigan Women’s Music Festival, to exclude trans* women because they presumably don’t have all the parts necessary to participate in this “universal” female experience that doesn’t actually exist anyway. The idea that cis women who attend this festival have a shared experience of womanhood–an experience that stretches like a rainbow bridge across race, sexuality, (dis)ability and economic class–that is so certain that no one without a vagina could possibly understand any of it is, frankly, absurd.

Looks like someone isn’t going to get invites to either the MWMF or HRC xmas parties this year.

Uh Huh – And Spiro Agnew Resigned to Spend More Time With His Family

From C&L:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) announced early Wednesday morning that she will not seek a fifth term in office.

Bachmann also made it clear that her decision not to seek re-election had nothing to do with the ongoing ethics investigation about alleged misconduct during her failed presidential campaign in 2012.

Now, if she’d said it had something to do with having to devote time to consoling her hubba-hubba hubby who went on an emotional rollercoaster during HBO’s broadcast of the Liberace movie Sunday night….

The Time Has Come: No More Special Rights for Christians

From Examiner.com:

There’s a rampant crime spree going on in America.  You won’t hear about it through most media sources, and you aren’t likely to hear anyone calling it what it really is:  a Christian crime spree.  But that’s a very accurate description.

Over the last few years, various atheist and skeptic groups have started posting billboards, banners, and other advertisements all over the country.  In response, many Christians are taking it upon themselves to steal or deface them.  The most recent incident was in Virginia,  where a Freedom from Religion Foundation banner was stolen.  The press release title is telling:  “Another FFRF solstice banner disappears.”  All told, FFRF placed 12 banners in December 2012.  Five of them were stolen or vandalized.  (That’s 42%.)

Of course, the public is outraged, right?  Freedom of speech is sacred, right?  Well, maybe not so much.  In fact, if the media and blogosphere are to be believed, it’s the atheists’ fault for speaking something so unspeakable.  The idea that there are atheists out there who would dare to mention their beliefs?  Intolerable.  Said one blogger,

Never would I encourage vandalism, but in this case I think I’ll let it slide. Atheists have been vandalizing my beliefs for years, so it’s about time the shoe was on the other foot…

[L]et’s admit that regardless of legal hair-splitting, these are hate crimes.  They are crimes committed by people who hate our views and even hate us so much that they take it upon themselves to prevent other people from hearing our voices.  The existence of Christian hate for atheists is so well documented at this point that there ought to be no need for justification.  Nevertheless, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind readers of the inexcusable treatment of Jessica Ahlquist.  Or the litany of abuses hurled at atheists during the 9/11 Memorial lawsuit.  There are a lot of Christians who hate atheists.  It is surely these Christians who have also resorted to crime in the name of Jesus.

So why isn’t Darrell Issa holding a hearing to investigate these incidents?

The Continuing Saga of the Ollie’s BBQ of Feminism

The zombie that used to be the Advocate asks:

Is It Wrong to Perform at Michfest?

The only legitimate answer?  “Yes.  End of story.”

Surprisingly, the responses at zombocate are in line with that reality (I guess the TERFs are too busy propping up anti-woman MRA sites to have noticed.)

However, an African-American woman responded on Facebook thusly:

I dont think it tran-phobic to want to be in a space for women born women, no more than I think it “racist” for women of color to have our own tent “on the land”…

why cant trans women creat their own festival?

I dont think it WRONG to want to be with women who are born women…if that makes me…whatever..then..whatever

My response: It makes her Ollie McClung.

Curiouser and Curiouser – Yet, At the Same Time, Not at All Surprising

Cristan Williams has had some interesting (non-)interaction with a certain trans-exterminationist who claims her trans-exterminationism is all about the rights of women.

About a month ago, Brennan began contacting me. She sent me her personal phone number and email saying that should I ever have questions, I should feel free to contact her. I did contact her. We played telephone tag, sent texts and when at last I had a firm commitment for a scheduled phone call, she apparently ignored my call. Since I couldn’t get her on the phone, 10 days ago I sent her an email with the questions I had for her and thus far she’s ignored them. Moreover, while I was waiting for her to make good on her offer to answer some questions, she apparently contacted a MRA site and asked to be a contributing author on their site.

Yes. Cathy Brennan: MRA activist.

Here’s the email Brennan apparently sent to someone named Loy Finly over at avoiceformen.com:

Hi. I'm Cathy "Bug" Brennan and I want to support the Men's Rights Movement.

Hi. I’m Cathy “Bug” Brennan and I want to support the Men’s Rights Movement.

I strongly suggest reading all of Cristan’s post.