Then Quit and Go to Work for an Actual News Organization

A woman who, for the last decade, has raked in millions of Rupert Murdoch’s dollars now whines:

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren took aim at several of her male colleagues on Thursday for their comments about women.

Lou Dobbs, Juan Williams, Erick Erickson and Doug Schoen caused a stir on Wednesday after they expressed utter horror at a study which showed that more and more women are the primary breadwinners in the home. Erickson even portrayed the trends as counter to biology itself, saying, “When you look at biology, look at the natural world, the roles of a male and a female in society, and other animals, the male typically is the dominant role.”

Van Susteren took to her blog and did not hold back, writing, “Have these men lost their minds? (and these are my colleagues??!! oh brother… maybe I need to have a little chat with them (next thing they will have a segment to discuss eliminating women’s right to vote?)”

Actually, if I recall, its frequent Fox ‘News’ personage Ann Coulter who has advocated for taking away women’s right to vote, but…

Okay, there’s a joke waiting to be made there that some in the community – even some trans people – think is permissible to make (apart from perpetuation of transphobia, I’ve always been concerned that its simply inaccurate – in part.)

And I’ll leave that at that.

As for Greta’s crocodile (same color as money – just sayin’) tears, unless she puts her money where her twitter is by quitting, there will still be – as there has been since the day she got her new nose and started at Fox ‘News’ – no moral distinction between her and the FOX-oids she’s complaining about (the fact that Messrs. Dobbs, Williams, Erickson and Schoen are crypto-misogynists is just the cherry on top of the fact that they are shills for the Murd-Koch warmongering corporate christianist propganda machine – and Greta herself is just another one of the Murd-Koch shills.)

Her existence is financed by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes; if the tweet really represents what she believes, then she should quit and take her services to a legitimate news operation (CNN was, for the most part, a legitimate news operation back when she was there, although the wall-to-wall O.J. coverage that introduced her to America is what began its decline) or – gasp! – actually go back to using her law degree to earn a buck

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