The Continuing Saga of the Ollie’s BBQ of Feminism

The zombie that used to be the Advocate asks:

Is It Wrong to Perform at Michfest?

The only legitimate answer?  “Yes.  End of story.”

Surprisingly, the responses at zombocate are in line with that reality (I guess the TERFs are too busy propping up anti-woman MRA sites to have noticed.)

However, an African-American woman responded on Facebook thusly:

I dont think it tran-phobic to want to be in a space for women born women, no more than I think it “racist” for women of color to have our own tent “on the land”…

why cant trans women creat their own festival?

I dont think it WRONG to want to be with women who are born women…if that makes me…whatever..then..whatever

My response: It makes her Ollie McClung.


  1. Her logic would more naturally lead to – anymore than I think it’s transphobic for women with trans histories to choose to have a separate tent on the land.

    Or on the rented park space, as you prefer.

  2. […] That was seen recently on Facebook, as apologism – by someone who peppered her blather with lots of sub-’some of my best friends are’-isms re: trans women – for the proprietrix of the Ollie’s BBQ of Feminism. […]

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