The Irony of the Undead

I think we’ve all finally agreed that what used to be the Advocate is thoroughly dead, right?

And yet, we’ve also all seen Night of the Living Dead.


I now present Night of the Living Advocate:

Op-ed: Democrats Throw Queers Under the Bus—Again

Senate Democrats showed their true colors when they left LGBT families and individuals out of this week’s sweeping immigration reform bill.


What makes that so zombiefied – and a little bit whole lot of ironic on the side?

Its author:

Victoria A. Brownworth

Oh yes…

That Victoria A. Brownworth.

There is no wrong moment for equality. And anyone who thinks so is not a true ally.

I doubt seriously if any trans woman has ever mistaken Victoria A. Brownworth for an ally – 32 years ago or now.

Of course, 32 years ago, the Advocate was a serious (albeit not just transphobic but hostile to pretty much anything that its owner, David Goodstein, didn’t like) magazine.

Now, it is less than dead, a zombie so deprived of not just blood and oxygen but brain activity that even Bill Hicks likely would take pity on it and not make fun of its inability to appreciate the irony of letting first-generation TERF Victoria A. Brownworth be its voice of whinery about Democratic ‘allies’ throwing a form of the gay marriage issue under the immigration bus.


  1. I would say that Brownworth is completely unself-aware of her hypocrisy, were it not the case that she probably believes that transsexual persons belong to another class… that of the insane?

    I’m trying to remain calm here, so rather than commenting on Brownworth’s taste in footwear and which shoe is on which foot, I’ll content myself with remarking that the reasoning expressed in Brownworth’s MALE POWER-TRIPPING article as reproduced on Lynn Conways’ website represents – to me, just my opinion, “take it or leave it” – a distilled essence of purified dumbassery, truly a contender in the campaigns of postmodernity to triumph in in the field of illogic and mis-conception.

    “Every oppressed group in our society is ‘feminized’ – that is, it is viewed as female.” – Victoria Brownworth


    That goes twice for “Negro studs”, amirite?

    (My apologies for the bad language, but I can’t imagine how much hard study it took to excel in being so f’in witless.)

    Maybe she’s gotten her consciousness raised a bit on the subject of “racial sensitivities”, and like that? I was raised in a racist culture (Arkansas) and those attitudes creep in, just by osmosis… but at least I try to work on it?

    From the recent article…

    “LGBT Americans are the Democrats’ house Negroes. I’m sorry if that comparison offends anyone, but it’s the most accurate societal comparison I can make.” – Victoria Brownworth

    oh dear.

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