20 Years Ago (Give or Take 2 Weeks)

Vintage (pre-Rachel) erasure:

Advocate - 19930504

That’s from the May 4, 1993 issue of the Advocate.


Eighth overall? Check.

Second in the Midwest? Check.

First to be trans-inclusive?





Most of the responses on social media I’ve seen to my post about Rachel Maddow glossing over the trans-inclusiveness of Minnesota’s 1993 gay rights law when she offered up a quick summary of what had transpired in Minnesota in the years prior to enacting same-sex marriage this week have at least gotten the point that I was making.

What’s truly scary is the number of people who thought there was no point to make.

Some of these came from the ‘tired of us being lumped in with gay’ mindset (HBS without the initials?) – which really leaves me wondering where those people were in 2007 at ENDA time and where they will be when the next attempt is made by non-trans LGBs to make sure that those of the ‘tired of us being lumped in with gay’ mindset never have to be so worried.

People who breezed through the Advocate in the spring of 1993 didn’t have their consciousnesses tainted with the notion that gay rights laws could be anything other than gay-only, so when ENDA was first flailingly consecrated the following year there really wasn’t much of a chance that non-T LGBs would think that the trans people who then offered up a vision of ENDA contrary to that being pushed by St. Barney and HRC were anything other than high.

And then in 2007, the Aravosisists and the Capehartians could – with little fear of any mass historical memory being posied to bite them – claim that the trans scum had just shown up five minutes earlier and, in turn, had no justification for demanding inclusion in ENDA.

And now there appears to be yet another bumper crop of trans people who are doing the exclusionists’ work for them by not giving a damn about their own history.


  1. I’m prompted to think of this not so much as “historical erasure” as being… buried alive.

    Somehow it makes the category more vivid.


    Hell, that’s not even funny… given the context of most transfolk’s lives, I feel like crying.

    “I am Arthur, King of the Britons!” – most apt; our Overlords care, they care a lot!… about “The Grail”.

      • Just go to the 6 minute mark, you’ll like the therapist’s suggestion! 😉

  2. Hey – don’t include me in that civil rights bill that covers religion – I’m a woman, damn it!!!

    I’ll show that damn face – it’ll sure look foolish without a nose.

  3. Dear Jenna…

    re: “Stop it!”

    I must regretfully inform you that I have accepted my destiny, and consigned myself to my assigned rôle within a tidy box, hoping against hope that someday things won’t be quite so deadly on the outside…

    Please join with me in a lipsync performance of Judy Garland singing “Over the Rainbow”…

    Oops, this is not quite…


    “Well, Toto,” she said, “we’re not in Kansas anymore.” She’d always wanted to say that under stress, but doing it left her feeling phony, and she was glad nobody had heard. Work to do.

    [pan to sign reading ‘WELCOME TO JOISEY’]

    bonze blayk’s ANOMALY – “It’s My Life” – (Bon Jovi)

    Sincerely – Bonze Jovi a/k/a (etc)

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