I’ve Been to South Carolina Once

It was just long enough to let my pug Louise get out of the car to poop.

Last night Mark Sanford (R) easily won the special election to fill South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. He received 54 percent of the vote compared to Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch who go[t] only 45 percent.

I now feel that Louise’s assessment of the state is justified.

She, however…

…hangs her head in shame at the thought of living in a nation that would allow not just Mark Sanford but also David Vitter to serve in Congress.  (She prefers to not even think about Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Louie Gohmert.)

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  1. I can’t blame the Mark Sanfords of the world – they are scum, always will be scum, and scum will ooze wherever gravity makes it ooze. However,, when a Vitter, a Sanford, or a Bachmann is elected, I direct my contempt, anger, and vitriol towards the voters of the jurisdiction that elects them. In Sanford’s case, it’s sad to note that, based on the election results, a majority of the voters of that SC district, are stark raving nuts and criminally insane.

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