Maybe if White Christian Males Over 50 Had Started Fewer Wars, Attempted to Forcibly Christianize Fewer Non-Christians, Passed Fewer Anti-LGBT Laws….

For this, Richard Allen Smith at HuffPo sees Tim Brando as Archie Bunker.


Archie Bunker, bigot that that character was, had something of an excuse, at least a contextualized one: He was relatively uneducated and grew up without access to much of anything other than the proto-FOX views of the other relatively uneducated white people of his Queens neighborhood.

No less of a bigot for that, no less worthy of being opposed (particularly by Edith) when inflicting his bigotry, but that character was born in the 1920s.

Tim Brando?

He’s not Archie Bunker.

He’s Ann Coulter.  He’s Pat Buchanan.  He’s Joe Scarborough.  He’s Bill Donohue.  He’s Sean Hannity.  He’s Rush Limbaugh.  He’s every 21st Century white (allegedly) heterosexual ‘christian’ who is not satisfied with the centuries of cultural and ecomomic advantage that still comes with being a white (allegedly) heterosexual ‘christian’ in America  – the advantage of essentially having been the only team allowed on the field until about 5 minutes left in the 4th Quarter and then expecting ‘those people’ to be able to score a thousand touchdowns in that five minutes (all while the refs are on the payroll of the white (allegedly) heterosexual ‘christians’ of course) to catch up and wondering why ‘those people’ complain about the situation – but is, in addition, angry that being a white heterosexual no longer carries substantive, enforceable legal adavantages that stop just short of being the equivalent of a title of nobility.

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