In All Fairness to the President, It is Still More Than HRC Has Done

From Queer Channel Media:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Tuesday couldn’t identify any actions President Obama has undertaken in the past year on behalf of the Employment Non-Discrimation Act, but reiterated he’ll work to build support for the bill.

Asked by the Washington Blade what Obama has done in the past year to build support for ENDA, Carney touted the president’s commitment to LGBT rights and support for the legislation — without naming any specific initiative to build support for it.

Simple math: Zero is more  than a negative.

Killing ENDA as even a dream – much less a substantive policy goal – has been part of HRC’s marriage derangement syndrome-fueled agenda since even before Chad Griffin took over.

There will never be an ENDA so long as HRC continues to exist and is allowed to portray itself to the populace as speaking for anyone other than its tiny cabal of rich primary funders who never needed ENDA and, if forced to tell the truth to those who HRC claims to speak for, would be revealed as never wanting it, owing to having far more in common with the über-capitalist business interests who oppose all anti-discrimination laws as much as the christianist right opposes LGBT ones than they (think that they) have with LGBT people at large.

ENDA is supposedly going to be re-introduced on Thursday.

That’s 24 days past the appropriate introduction day.



  1. […] those who actually control HRC have as little use for ENDA – any version of it – as the christianists and the corporati… do. […]

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