Chad Griffin, as given space to spew propaganda by Queer Channel Media:

a lot has changed since 1986


Gas costs a lot more.

I no longer live in Texas.

Bonzo and the Wicked Witch are now both dead, but….

There are just as many few trans people employed by HRC now as there were in 1986.

it’s time for our laws to catch up to our national values

Actually, its time for the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool to catch up to the values of the LGBT people that it claims to represent.

Start legitimately hiring legitimate trans people for legitimate positions at your allegedly-legitimate organization!


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  1. Well…..the Williams Institute says the LGB portion of the pop is 3.5% and the trans portion is .5%?

    Given that HRC hires almost exclusively from the lgb pop – 15% of their employees should have been trans since their founding. Likely the’ve had what – 3,000 or so employees since they been in operations – and maybe 3 trans employees? Hmmm… Their hiring rate might be about 0.1%.

    Lower by factor of 5 than one would expect from the average employer – by a factor of 150 given their almost total hiring of lgbt people.

    Say – doesn’t DC have a nondiscrimination Ord? It sounds well past the time for someone to start sending HRC matched trans & non trans resumes……

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