Memo to Jonathan Capehart

I just saw the Cape(hart)ed Crusader on Mrs. Alan Greenspan‘s MSNBC show.

He was whining about Bill Clinton’s anti-DOMA op-ed not going far enough.

How so?

Well, it clearly expressed the view that DOMA had been an act of political expediency and was unconstitutional – and should be overturned.  But the Capehart(ed) Crusader wanted more: He wanted an overt, explicit apology from Clinton.

Here’s a thought, Capey: You go first.

You issue overt, explicit apologies for your ‘tough shit, trannies – you’re going to have to wait 40 years’ opinion pieces (at least one of which you were willing to tack your name onto but others widely believed to have been by you) regarding trans-inclusion in gay rights legislation.

Until you’re willing to do that, don’t you dare whine about Bill Clinton applying the principle of ‘incremental progress’ – Clinton’s re-election being a wee bit more important to the nation than a symbolic veto (one which would have been instantaneously overridden) of a bill outlawing something that did not exist yet – to what was then, is now and always will be Gay, Inc’s only real priority.

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