Remember: Decrying the Term ‘Class War’ is a War Crime

From comments to a piece up at Jezebel:

I’ll never forget the day I sat next to a rich girl in my freshman year of college as she complained how people who shopped at Old Navy were “so trashy” while I wore a v-neck Old Navy t-shirt. Here I had been, thinking I was fairly trendy, as Old Navy had just come to my town a few years ago, and was very popular there. The shock, and the hurt were enormous.

And I grew up lower middle class, far from poor.

I’ll never forget the time in college when I mentioned eating at IHOP, and a dorm-mate started laughing at me. She thought it was a hilarious joke, because “only poor people in movies eat at IHOP.” She’d never even seen one, coming from a fancy town where there were no chain restaurants.

And Mitt the Flip and Marie AnnToinette still don’t understand why, even if there was no such thing as Obamacare, enough real people who have had it with the clueless monied elite would have still voted as they did so as to keep Marie AnnToinette’s top priority as being Rafalca, and not replacing all of the things in the White House that ‘those people’ used.

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