The More HRC Changes…

Oh wait, that’s right….

HRC never changes.

Posted to Facebook this morning by Janice Covington:

As of this moment I resign from the HRC Charlotte Steering committee because of what went on last night.

Last night at the HRC Gala in Charlotte, I felt very sick inside, not because of the food but because of the propaganda that was being feed to us from the stage. HRC at one time called this a Gala, a fun event. Now it’s nothing more than another way to get at your money. They had the audacity to ask people to donate $1000,00 $5000,00 then $25,000,00. I am appalled and insulted. If it weren’t for the many people in attendance being my friends whom I wanted to see I would have got up and left the building.

In 1969 when I lived in San Francisco, I belonged to the very first national LGBT organization called the Imperial Court. Unlike today the Imperial Court was for all of us, they didn’t separate Gay men, Lesbian woman and Transgender people into separate classes within the movement because of financial status. We were all one, for a common cause. The organizations of today like HRC want to rate the rich Gay man and Lesbians as the supreme leaders of the LGBT community. The more bucks they make, the more rungs they climb on the ladder of self [righteous] leadership. The more money these people give the more they are catered to.

Many of our brothers and sisters didn’t have the same advantages as the financially secured Gays and Lesbians of our so called united society of people. We as individuals experience a variety of harassment’s in our life such as non-family support, bulling in school causing our young to drop out, even suicide. The rejection that some in our community receives from others in life, affect how we progress in life, leaving many not as fortunate.

Let me tell you, in my opinion we are being lied to by organizations like HRC with their give us your money attitude, not knowing what it is used for. What you don’t realize is they need to survive by making sure they have a pay check. Lots of your money goes to lobby politicians for rights like ENDA, DADT and Marriage Equality, but in the end many of the politicians who receive your dollars back peddle during a vote for fear of not being reelected back home because their supporters don’t support LGBT.

Who gave the right for organizations like HRC to make the decision to go after Marriage Equality that has only a short history in comparison to the Employment Non Discrimination Act that we have been fighting for since 1974[?] If they want our money they will have to start listening to the people they represent rather than make their own decisions, it’s our money that they depend on. I will along with my friends make sure they are out of work too. No money no job. HRC you better straighten up and fly right.

The problem, of course, is that HRC has always been straight-leaning (which is kinda ironic don’tcha think given that its sycophants’ criticism of trans people is that – in their heads anyway – none of us are L or G?) and, when it counts, that leaning is to the right of center.

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  1. It’s fairly simple Janice. The HRC upper echelons are made of middle class white gay men. They could care less about transgender people for several reasons:

    1 – They can hide. They can get jobs with no problems at all. You can’t look at someone and tell that they are gay, A transsexual that is not entirely passable yet cannot do that, That makes us targets for discrimination in the workplace as well if we ever DO get hired.

    2- Most of us are women. Gay men could care less about women, most of all, us.

    3- Just ,like most other successful white men in this country, they exude the attitude of “I’ve got mine, who cares about the rest of you?”:

    They don’t represent us, they have ‘whitewashed’ us out of the events at Stonewall, and they push marriage equality because they already HAVE all the other rights.

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