So Much for Romney Losing

Why bother with Pres. ‘Corporations are People’ when there are plenty of Mini-Mes to do his bidding?

A bill introduced by Montana state Rep. Steve Lavin would give corporations the right to vote in municipal elections:

Provision for vote by corporate property owner. (1) Subject to subsection (2), if a firm, partnership, company, or corporation owns real property within the municipality, the president, vice president, secretary, or other designee of the entity is eligible to vote in a municipal election as provided in [section 1].

I won’t copy it here, but there’s nothing in that subsection 2 that would prohibit an ‘own one square inch of Florida’ or ‘buy a Scottish title’ scheme that would enable an infinite number of distinct corporations from magically coming into existence and, thereafter, each owning one square inch of “real property within the municipality” to, thereby, manufacture any number of votes necessary to erase any and all electoral influence by real people.

The idea that “corporations are people, my friend” as Mitt Romney put it, is sadly common among conservative lawmakers.

The bill does contain some limits on these new corporate voting rights. Most significantly, corporations would not be entitled to vote in “school elections,” and the bill only applies to municipal elections. So state and federal elections would remain beyond the reach of the new corporate voters.

For now.

In fairness to Lavin’s fellow lawmakers, this bill was tabled shortly after it came before a legislative committee, so it is unlikely to become law.

For now.

According to the Center for Media and Democracy, Lavin was a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) now defunct Public Safety and Elections Task Force.


Pots of water…

Increasing heat…

Yadda, yadda, yadda….


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