Stonewall Plus 27 (or 9/11 Minus 5)

From the Sept. 11, 1996 edition of the New York Times:

Separating Gay and ‘Transgender’ Issues

To the Editor:

Your Sept. 8 news article on the transgender movement oversimplifies the anxiety many gay men and lesbians feel about the association between gay and transgender issues.

Gay men and lesbians who reject this alliance are not ungrateful for the help we have received from transgender activists. But we are alarmed by the suggestion that gay men and lesbians belong in the same category as the transgendered.

If we say gay men and lesbians are the same as people who suffer from ”gender identity dysphoria,” we will reinforce the myth that homosexuals are unhappy and that we wish to change. A close association between gay and transgender issues provides ammunition for anti-gay activists, and confuses young gay men and lesbians who are still coming out.


Denver, Sept. 8, 1996

(h/t Denise Norris)



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