As Usual: Anything But Trans Equality

From Queer Channel Media…

of course:

Md. advocates should now focus on health care

Even more ridiculous is the (at present) sole comment to that anything-and-everything-except-undoing-Maryland’s-2001-political-hate-crime-against-trans-people piece:

While I wholeheartedly agree that the [Affordable Care Act] will bring tremendous benefit to LGBT Marylanders, another piece of VERY important legislation, and likely a priority over the localized implementation of the ACA is that of extending and assuring nondiscrimination protections to transgender individuals in the Free State. The priority of prohibiting the denial of employment, housing or credit based solely on a person’s gender identity or expression should be equally important for those advocates who were engaged in the successful campaign for marriage equality.

The problem with this isn’t the bare sentiment embodied by the words.  Rather, its the messenger: May-gun Stay-bluh, a walking synonym for “giving cover to the transphobic cabal that is Gay, Inc.”

Trans people in Maryland wouldn’t be third-class citizens in 2013 if not for Gay, Inc. and its tentacles and apologists.



  1. We have contacted 35 members of the NY senate to oppose GENDA and will continue to do so as necessary. We will do the same in the MD legislature if there is any movement on a trans bill. Also, repeal in Baltimore is still on the table, and we will support this effort with votes and money. Payback for your homophobic attacks on LGB people and LGB organizations.

    • That’s a pretty half assed job Vic. There’s over 200 members in the NY State Leg – you must be rather lazy.

      Sure – work to get Baltimore repealed – please! But – shouldn’t you work on NYC first?

      Either one is fine with me. You’re too much of a coward to do anything in public. And if you went to Christine Quinn and told her you wanted to repeal a civil rights bill – she’d laugh at you.

      But – you must be used to that by now.

  2. It should be noted that, based on its IP address of origin, the above comment from “Lynette” came from the same area of Queens, NY from which the multitude of comments by “Vic” (under numerous different specific IPs and at least five different e-mail address variants) at the original ENDABlog originated.

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