Stonewall Plus 26

From the Los Angeles Times, June 26, 1995:

A Day to be Proud; Parade: Gays and Lesbians from Throughout the SOuthland Jam the Streets of West Hollywood for the 25th Annual Celebration

By Stephanie Simon, Times Staff Writer

In spike-heeled gold boots and a swirl of yellow and green feathers, Euri Oliveira dance down the street, fluttering a plumed fan in front of his skimpy sequined bikini — what there was of it — decorated like the flag of his native Brazil.

Preening and posing for snapshots, the tall, lanky Oliveira clearly relished the attention at Sunday’s 25th annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration in West Hollywood.

But for some revelers, his flashy carnival costume was just a sideshow — a distraction from the goal of promoting, enjoying and celebrating Southern California’s homosexual community.

“What we see are the transsexuals, the transvestites, the queens, but that’s not really we’re about,” said Long Beach resident Rachelle Armstrong, 29.

The yearly festival, she said, should emphasize gay freedom, because “it’s the one time we get to express ourselves without fear of violence.”



  1. “Free” to be… just like everybody else.

    “The yearly festival, she said, should emphasize gay freedom…”

    Wow. There’s some kind of magic involved when the word “should” is conjoined with “freedom”, especially in this context?


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