Stonewall Plus 1





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  2. Don’t you just love getting lectured about your lack of “normalcy” by someone whose entire group identity is based on sex and sexuality? Hey, I have an idea, allow me to flip the script a bit:
    “At the Folsom Street Fair, I and my fellow trans people were appalled to see gay dudes jacking off in public. As much as I enjoy a good wank now and again myself, I find myself embarrassed by this public masturbation. Where are all the gay guys who can behave themselves in public, whose appearance would bolster our image? A public demonstration is no time to jack off onto the crowd from a second-storey window! I’m sure everybody meant well, nevertheless, it was a poor show.”

    Disclaimer: I actually didn’t mind, though I did have to take evasive action a couple of times. The above is a parody of the letter to the Advocate by the brave Sir Name Withheld.

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  6. […] Stonewall Plus 1 […]

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