Pic of the Day: Jan. 30, 2013 (Special ‘Mammoth’ Edition)

Near the dam at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas – May 1992.


How Exactly is This Any More Problematic Than Similar and/or the Same Bigots Quoting Gay, Inc. to Oppose Trans Rights?

Oh, that’s right….

Because gay marriage is all that matters.

Silly me.

People Kill People

…with guns.

A 69-year-old war veteran and former missionary was arrested over the weekend on the suspicion of killing a 22-year-old Cuban immigrant who mistakenly arrived in his driveway because of faulty GPS directions.

Gwinnett County jail records obtained by The Atlanta Journal Constitution indicated that Phillip Walker Sailors was charged on Sunday with the murder of Rodrigo Abad Diaz.

Friends who were in the car with Diaz told WSB-TV that they were trying to pick up a friend on the way to ice skating on Saturday but their GPS directed them to the wrong address. The friends said that they waited in the driveway for a few minutes before Sailors emerged from the house and fired a gun into the air.

Gandy Cardenas, who was in the car, recalled to WAGA that the homeowner made no effort to speak to the group before opening fire.

Wayne LaPierre feels so bad about the situation that he’s providing copies of the Second Amendment to Diaz’s family to place in Diaz’s coffin.

I Am Still Waiting…

…for anyone with Gay, Inc. to put forth a cogent argument as to why national same-sex marriage will benefit a 20-year-old unpartnered lesbian in Alabama, a 30-year-old unpartnered gay man in North Dakota and a 40-year-old unpartnered trans person in Oklahoma more than a fully-inclusive federal ENDA would.

The Rhetorical Conjoined Twin of Radphlegm-ery

From Juanita Jean’s: The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc.:

[“T]here are two forms of feminism, and it actually has to do  with a division of how attractive a woman is. So, you have the group  that is very attractive, they’re in the sororities, they’re gonna be in  the beauty contests. They’re actually going to get the good jobs,”  [Dave] Buehner said. “Now they will probably some of them become the Sarah  Palin-style feminists…[“]…

“Okay, so you have the cute feminists,” [Kevin] Swanson said.

“Right, you have the good-looking ones,” Buehner explained. “The  other ones are those who we should say are, um, attractive-deficient. …  These are the kinds that will look for careers mostly likely in  academia[….”]

Now, far be it from me to be tacky, but here’s the guys who did that talking.

Hunka, hunka burnin’ love.

I’m just sayin’….

And Yet….

Prominent House Dem: “Madness” To Pass Immigration Reform Without LGBT Protections

… if it included LGBs but not Ts, the Buzzfeed article – by Chris Geidner of Metro Weakly – would instead be a puff piece about the virtuous necessity of ‘incremental progress.’

A Year in the Life of the Human Right Scampaign

Then-HRC head Elizabeth Birch, August 1998 (in an interview with OutSmart magazine (Houston)):


Then-HRC head Elizabeth Birch, September 1, 1999 (in Outlines (Chicago)):

Outlines: The concept of trans issues … are they in partnership just like with Black issues might be, or are they integral to the agency? ENDA is just one example of how that manifests itself.

Birch: I think that the Human Rights Campaign has done as much if not more on transgender issues than most other national [ gay and lesbian ] organizations. If you really look at the actual work. I hope we can get beyond lip service … which is what I think some of the other organizations tend to broker in. We have put a lot of muscle and time and effort to both educate on Capitol Hill, as well formulate realistic, tangible courses of action that might deliver some results down the road.


If the second one is as “honestly” “honest” as the first one purports HRC to be, then what does that say about the entirety of Gay, Inc. – including HRC – circa 1998?

If the second one is not honest, then, well….