Stonewall at 5

From the June 1974 issue of the Gay (now Washington) Blade re: the then-upcoming fifth anniversary NYC Pride Parade:

Christopher Street Parade

Imagine the scene: the police have just raided the Stonewall – some gays are outside waiting for friends while the police decide to put the owner and a few patrons in a paddywaggon.  The gays outside are furious that the police have been hassling them so much (5 bars have been similarly raided during the week) and want to put an end to the situation.  An explosion fired in the hearts of the drags outside.  Skirts and heels notwithstanding, they rush the locked door of the bar and charge, bottles and beer cans are thrown and the door crashes open.  One of the thrown objects hits a cop who becomes outraged and gets his buddies to help him beat up the drag who threw it.  The gays fight valiantly.  Other gays pour into the Stonewall to find their bar ransacked by cops, who are firing their guns.

I’m just sayin’….



  1. Gosh, and they’re all considered “gay”!

    Mirabile dictu!

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