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From Shannyn Moore:

My Guns Are Less Regulated Than My Uterus

Just think about that – and the fact that it is an unchallengeable fact.

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  1. It is an unchallengeable fact that the Feminist Women’s Health Clinic of Atlanta has created their own “Uterocracy” through their
    Trans Health Care Initiative which seeks out to include trans men who have been excluded from proper health care to be included as a “uterus-born-woman” (UBW)

    Transsexual and transgender women, born without a uterus don’t qualify for Trans Health Care. We’re all just the next potential Tyra Hunters who can be allowed to bleed to death- not treating our medical needs- while they’re laughing at us instead for not being a real uterus-carrying woman. (Don’t leave home without it!) Even though I’m sure some post-hysterctomy UBW’s are getting treated anyway.

    It’s good to know that trans men’s rights to reproductive care does not stop at their uteruses and they will be fully covered for any medically necessary treatment including pregnancy care, contraception, and abortion that will allow them to be treated in local hospitals in the women’s wards. All they have to do is swallow their dignity, accept the misgendering and they get treated like any other UBW.

    But it’s interesting how the Radfem “Counter-Revolutionary Uterus Police” (CRUP) are denying the rights of our bodies and our choices to punish the Patriarchy for their Gun Phallocracy.

    Who put the “guy” in gynecology?
    Who put the “his” in hysterectomy?
    Who put the “men” in menstruation?
    Who put the “master” in business administration?

    I am not arguing that gynecologists should be doing the jobs of urologists, doing prostate exams or any examination of male genitalia on those who are pre-op or non-op.

    But I have a vagina, a female body part and it is entirely appropriate for a gynecologist to examine it . For tests to be done, prescriptions and treatments given.

    I have had two breast cancer scares and when I am scared it is entirely appropriate to receive examinations and advice from a women’s clinic– who are supposed to help women with such an urgent need.

    And in 2003, a serial rapist attempted to rape me on a street in broad daylight– but I was fortunate to escape him without him touching me– although he was later caught and convicted and sentenced on 7 counts to 28 years.

    Dare I walk into that women’s clinic if I had actually been raped?
    Maybe they would find it to be as hysterical as a hysterectomy!

    Under the UK Equality Act I can’t even join a counseling group for rape victims. Under the UK Equality Act & the British Columbia (Canada) Rape Relief Act– I can’t even be a counselor to rape victims as we are along with men, an excluded “perpetrator” class.
    Guilty for life of not being a “real” woman.

    Or would they have laughed at me for seeking help after dodging the attempt- like I was going to an emergency room after almost being hit by a car.

    “Come back when you have tire tracks on your body”
    So much for that famous Southern Comfort & Hospitality.

    Ain’t it amazing that the most of the Transexterminationist Ratfems who are running the Uterocracy actually don’t believe in using their uteruses for their natural function?– But they haven’t figured out yet how to reproduce asexually more little rattles.

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