The Answer? Probably ‘None’

The question?

How many views does Justin Bieber actually have?

The context?  You Tube…with a lot of added helium.

The video service deleted more than 2 billion fake video views in the channels of Universal, Sony, and RCA, according to Daily Dot. The decision apparently was made when YouTube found out that the companies were using view building services hired from sites such as Fiverr to create video views that never existed.

Sony/BMG’s was hit the hardest with views dropping from a total of more than 850 million to just 2.3 million. RCA declined by 159 million views to a total of 120 million. Universal lost more than 1 billion views and now stands below 6 billion.

Services that promise the perception of greater user exposure have become commonplace on the web. There are plenty of sites such as YouLikeHits, which allow users to increase the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers. The tradition goes back to the news aggregation service Digg, which created services that would sell “diggs” to vote Internet content to the front page.

I’m sure that if Universal, Sony and RCA just claimed that they were counting as views on all of their manufactured sensations’ latest crapfests anyone who had ever spent a dollar on any music from any artist in their catalogs, then everything would be just fine.

After all, that worked for HRC, no?

Wonder if I can sue the RIAA for false advertisement?

Only Hilary Rosen knows for sure – and I’m sure she still has e-mail addresses at both HRC and RIAA.

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