Worth Noting: “Bias” and “Lying” are NOT Synonyms

With that, we have the latest in a long line of examples of what’s wrong with Fox ‘News’ – starting with the fact that it still calls itself a news network and, most recently, ending up with my having to put up a post in agreement with The John:

Fox News says Fred Phelps’ “God Hates F*gs” hate group is “left wing”


Fox News says Fred Phelps is "left wing"


This is how Fox News operates.  You can argue that MSNBC has a bias, and the network does – now, and in response to Fox.  But while MSNBC has a liberal bias, Fox just lies.

Now, as Kerry Lauerman points out in this Mother Jones piece from 1999, Fred Phelps was a Democrat before he went bonkers over 20 years ago.  Yeah, and I was a Republican back then as well.  I’m not a Republican now.  And it would be factually incorrect to call AMERICAblog a “right-wing Web site” because its founder was a Republican over twenty years ago before his political views shifted markedly.

Dammit, John – with it being the holiday season and all, I was hoping that we could just pile onto the Rotting Cryptkeeper of Topeka and his brethren at Fox ‘News’, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….

You had to go try to cleanse your own history.

Now, I’m making no claim to knowing what The John’s registered party status is right now – and I don’t care.  I do, however, question how much his non-LGB politics have changed in 20 years – and, in light of the fact that the official Gay, Inc.-owned trans organization sold out trans people by never pushing for ENDA in either of the two sessions of Congress after the 2007 one, the one in which The John showed his true colors re: trans-inclusion, there’s no record whatsoever upon which to base any claim that he’s really changed at all since then.

But lets get back to that non-LGB stuff….

From ENDABlog, Jan. 24, 2008:

Something Else That The John is Divorced From Reality About

Namely – The Dubya Bribes, Part II.

According to The John:

The Dems just gave away your stimulus check.

Uh huh.

(cue the Dead Kennedys’ ‘Kill the Poor’)

BTW – The emphasis is mine.  If that doesn’t forever telegraphs who his constituency is, then this should.

According to AP, congressional leaders have reached a deal on those economic stimulus checks. And rather than being geared towards helping the economy, they’re apparently geared towards redistributing wealth (that would be our wealth) to the poor.

Families with children would receive an additional $300 per child, subject to an overall cap of perhaps $1,200, according to a senior House aide who outlined the deal on condition of anonymity in advance of formal adoption of the whole package. Rebates would go to people earning below a certain income cap, likely individuals earning $75,000 or less and couples with incomes of $150,000 or less.

That means that if you make $75,000 or more a year, no check for you. Forget that fact that you live in NYC or DC or San Francisco, where prices from property to food are outrageous.


We’re supposed to feel sorry for people making over 75K (which, from the tone of your I’m-craftily-trying-to-sound-like-a-reasonable-progressive-but-I’m-really-a-greedy-republishill whine – you did whine ‘our wealth’ after all – would appear to include you)?  Perhaps even supposed to have some empathy for you?  When you imply – with the force and subtlety of a shit-covered sledgehammer – that yuppies/guppies such as yourself are better suited to stimulate the economy than people who may not see 75K over the course of 3-5 years?

Go stimulate yourself on the streets of DC in the back seat of a red sports car – and then get thee to a Barney Frankery.

If you’re whining about life in DC or SF or NY, then why don’t you get the fuck away from big-coast-city life and go out and live in that Middle America whose purity of non-progressive essence you and your ilk like to invoke whenever (you think) it suits an anti-trans-inclusion argument?

I didn’t think it would be possible to find The John any more disgusting than I already did – but, unlike most in his world, I can admit when I’m wrong.

Sounded like The John was gearing up to change his name to The Tagg or some such, eh?

But, of course, The John decided to massage erase history.  From ENDABlog, five days later:

The John’s Magic Disappearing Post

I commented on the ENDAblog post about John Aravosis’s right-wing rant about poor people getting “our wealth” to ask where I could find the rant, since the original seems to be gone.

Turns out that John took it down. Here’s Mahatma X Files with the sordid tale:

Unfortunately, I guess Aravosis became both unhappy with the negative feedback that he received in mass quantities, so he killed off the original post (thus decoupling it from the 500+ comments it had received), reposted, got yet another set of negative feedback (which he subsequently censored heavily), and then deleted the post altogether. Like Sir Robin, he “bravely ran away.”

Aravosis was awarded “Wanker of the Day (Twice)” by James, and was also blasted by Liza at Feminist Bloggers Network, KayInMaine at White Noise Insanity, The Editors at Poorman.com, calipygian at DailyKos, zuzu at Feministe, Andrew at Air Pollution, and others.

Poor John just couldn’t take it. As zuzu wrote, “boo friggin’ hoo!”

Pinko Punko at 3 Bulls has more of John’s comment wankery.

That was just under five years ago, folks.

Fox just lies.

When next a serious attempt is made to enact a legitimate ENDA, we’ll see what The John was just doing.

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