Then it is Equally “Effective” to Compare Antonin Scalia to Adolf Hitler (Or, in the Alternative, to Bernie Madoff)

From Raw Story:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told an audience at Princeton University on Monday that comparing same sex coupling to bestiality and murder is politically “effective.” According to the Associated Press (AP), Scalia was explaining to a question by a gay student, Duncan Hosie, who asked the conservative judge why he considers it necessary to draw parallels between laws banning LGBT sex and laws banning bestiality and murder.

“I don’t think it’s necessary, but I think it’s effective,” Scalia replied, adding that he believes legislative bodies are within their purview to ban acts that they believe are immoral.


Catholic Church?

You are ooutttttaaaaa here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seventh Circuit judge and University of Chicago lecturer Richard A. Posner criticized Reading Law in The New Republic, saying Scalia’s judicial philosophy was “incoherent” and ideologically blinkered.

Posner also pointed out that Scalia’s book and his judicial rulings cite cases that never actually established the things that Scalia and his co-author Bryan A. Garner claim they established.

A Republican con artist?  Who’da thunk it?

(And, yes, before anyone says it: I know that Posner was also appointed by Reagan – but, if you noitice, no Republican has been intellectually honest enough to elevate him to the DC 9.)

“How many readers of Scalia and Garner’s massive tome,” [Posner] wondered, “will do what I have done — read the opinions cited in their footnotes and discover that in discussing the opinions they give distorted impressions of how judges actually interpret legal texts?”

What was the honest phrase that was attributed to Mitt Romney even though he was never honest enough to say it?  Oh yeh: ‘I can lie faster than you can fact check.’

Advantage Judge Posner (though I suspect that Posner’s critique will be banned at the law schools at Ave Maria, Liberty and Regent Universities.)

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  1. For my part, I think comparing (say) Catholicism to Satanism and rituals involving immediate human sacrifice rather than the prolonged kind is entirely reasonable.

    They’re both religions, after all.

    I find them both to be immoral, because they are irretrievably counter-factual, based on fantasy and the desire to impose their concepts of “morality” based on “divine revelation” – i.e., insanity – on others.

    But hey, my attitude is, live and let live…

    Or else, we won’t.

    … Scalia really doesn’t get the point of the American Revolution at all; I get the feeling some of these people on the Catholic Right get all sentimental and teary-eyed over the loss of the Good Old Days Western Civilization enjoyed during the Thirty Year’s War.

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