HRC = Homosexuals Renting Corpses

HRC claiminmg that it gives a damn about dead trans people (after all, their own obscene history with respect to their own employment policies tell us what HRC really thinks about living trans people) is like Mitt Romney claiming to give a damn about all of the people whose careers he destroyed to extract money from the previously-profitable companies that they once worked for.

How many trans people are dead today because, in the 1990s, HRC – a moneygrubbing civil rights vortex that never bothered to even consider hiring a trans woman until it got caught in a lie that, even with Queer Channel Media in its pocket, it couldn’t get out of back in 2007 – legitimized the genocidal, fraudulent legislative strategy of ‘incremental progress’?

As Marti Abernathey notes over at TransAdvocate:

You too can become a Boston TDOR sponsor. You can make MTPC’s TDOR page look like a sponsored NASCAR vehicle!

Having a “good purpose” for raising money isn’t enough of a reason for doing so. Would you have a fundraiser at:

  • a loved one’s funeral?
  • at a Holocaust memorial?
  • at 9-11′s ground zero?

Ethan St. Pierre,  nephew of  hate crime victim Deborah Forte and webmaster for TransgenderDOR , said it this way:

“How would you feel about a couple of people from the local high school attending your grandmother’s wake wielding a coffee can to raise money for their baseball team?”

Well, I can think of at least one distinction.

I’d be far more likely to trust any high school baseball player than I ever would anyone or anything connected to the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspoool of Transphobia.


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