The Job-(Anti-)Creators

You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.
         – Inigo Montoya

Today’s word whose meaning corporate con-artist conservatives don’t really know (or do, but expect everyone else not to)?


From Daily Kos:

O’Reilly’s fame, like that of Limbaugh and Beck, came because he was at the center of a wave of talk radio consolidation. Stations that had long broadcast their own content found it much easier and cheaper to simply pipe in the feed from a syndicated broadcast. Easier and cheaper because it took far fewer people. Fewer engineers. Fewer producers. Fewer people working as local on-air talent. Far from providing an employment boom, O’Reilly’s wealth was generated by a kind of broadcast black hole, sucking away the jobs of hundreds, even thousands, of local station employees and lining big Bill’s pockets with a cut out of each salary saved. It was that ubiquitous right-wing exposure that allowed O’Reilly to make the jump to full time TV talking head where he could continue the same schtick. O’Reilly and his ilk are the Walmarts of broadcast punditry, reducing diversity and eliminating jobs as they funnel customers to a mass-produced product.

If only Nakita Khruschev had come up with the idea of Wal-Mart to inflict on America, the USSR could have saved its own economy by not bothering with guns and nukes and we’d all be speaking Russian now and mainlining borscht.

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