In Other Words, She Wants Republicans (1) To Lie About What They Really Believe, (2) Get Elected Based on Scaring People About the Economy, and (3) Once Elected, Go Ahead and Legislate Like its the 18th Century

The delusion of ‘moderateness’ as pushed by former professional media-oid and current, but soon to be retired under coverage of her golden parachute, professional politician Kay Bailey Hutchison:

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is ready to be done with politics, but even after her replacement, Ted Cruz, has been elected she is still out there providing spin for the Grand Old Party.

Specifically, she is speaking to the women, who might have- just possibly- been offended by some of the “stupid things” said by some of the Republican candidates this election season.


Not ‘believed’ or ‘planned to be acted upon once elected’, but said.

Today while appearing on Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien, she once again tried to shift the political focus from social issues to economics. The Dallas Republican said the party should emphasize its efforts to limit spending and repair the economy, issues which she believes are as important to women as men.

This was, however, after she admitted that “Republican candidates who got very high profile and said some very stupid things” – such as Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock – “tainted the party.”

I just think people have personal beliefs, and what we need to do is fashion a  party around the economics and the long-term viability of the economy of our  country.  And I think when people start trying to go into such personal issues  and then try to form a party around it, it’s very difficult.

And I  think the Tea Party, for instance, started by focusing on the debt and the  deficit and the fiscal cliff. And then, I think, it got all mired in other  issues, the myriad of issues, that sort of muddled the message that we’ve got to  do something about the economy.  We cannot sit here with a $16 trillion debt,  with trillion-dollar deficits, every single year, and think we’re going to get  out of the mess.

Yeh, so…

Elect people based on their economic speak and then tuff shit if they decide to also let government control people’s bodies and bedrooms, eh?

Thank you, I won’t.

All she wants is a group of Republicans who can lie about who and what they are until they get into office.

Maybe she can convince Mitt to run again.



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