Another Fact: In New York, Its Been Ten Years Since SONDA

And GENDA is…………………………………………….?

The people of Washington and Maine deserve to see marriage prevail at the ballot today.  It seems like there’s a decent chance that that will happen.

The people of Minnesota deserve to see Michele Bachmann’s wet dream (yes, she’s in Congress – something that will hopefully change today – but the thing on the ballot today was her pet project while she was in the Minnesota Legislature, something she could never accomplish because at least one chamber was always under Democratic control) die an ugly death today.   I worry about Minnesota, though; people tend to underestimate just how radical the Republican party there has become (remember: Bachmann is actually just the tip of Minnesota’s Republican crazyberg.)

The people of Iowa deserve to have their judiciary – as well as Varnum v. Brien and the fourth signatory to it to come up for a retention vote since the decision – defended today from Bob Vander Plaats and corporate christianist psychopaths who think that a 6,000-year-old earth is not a myth but that separation of church and state is.

What do all four states have in common?

All enacted civil rights laws that (1) were legitimate (read: trans-inclusive) from day one and (2) preceded same-sex marriage.

Maryland, however, chose a different path: not only enacting a genocidal gay-only rights law 11 1/2 years ago but then – as predicted – moving right past the basic civil rights needs of trans people and on to the gay want of marriage.

And, as the New York example has shown, if marriage prevails in Maryland, trans people will forever remain unequal to non-trans gays and lesbians under state law.

Yes, there are some non-trans gays and lesbians in Maryand who actually support trans rights and its a shame that they should have to wait for something that, if the U.S. Constitution were interpreted properly, no state would have ever had the right to ban in the first instance.  But there are a buttload of trans people who support same-sex marriage – people who Maryland’s Gay, Inc. sees no problem in making wait….


The difference, of course, is simple – and ugly:  those non-trans gays and lesbians in Maryland may lack marriage rights, but they currently do have the legal right under Maryland state law to refuse to hire trans people, rent to trans people or even allow trans people into their places of business.  

Until those non-trans gays and lesbians in Maryland – and the Gay, Inc. that they allow to shape policy on their behalf – are willing to give up that right, they will not have earned a vote in favor of marriage.

No, I don’t have a vote – but because, thanks to Maryland’s Gay, Inc., I’m a third class citizen whenever I set foot in the state, if I did have one, it would be no.  Trans people in Maryland who do have a vote – and who have any hope of the state ever undoing the political hate crime of 2001 – should actually vote no.

Countdown to this post being quoted out of context by not noting my support for marriage in the other states in 3…2…1….

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