What Good is a Gay Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives?


Braying Windows:

Bay Windows Endorsements 2012

U.S Congress, Sixth District
Richard Tisei

Tisei is Republican; the incumbent is a Democrat.

Should Tisei win and the party breakdown of the House in 2013 turn out to be 218-217 in favor of Republicans, who will Tisei side with in picking the House leadership?  We all know that it will be Republicans, which means the Boner-Cantor Axis – meaning that the anti-LGBT, anti-science, anti-99% agenda will be the only agenda whose bills ever see the light of day.

Tisei may or may not actually be a ‘good Republican’, but here its not simply the goodness and/or badness of the individual that matters – its the nature of how the institution works.  A vote for the Republican leadership team from the best Republican in the world at House leadership formation time is no different than a vote from Michele Bachmann or Marsha Blackburn: Its a vote for the anti-constitutionist, anti-reality neo-fascist desires of The Party of Rape d/b/a the Republican Party.

A vote for Richard Tisei in Massachusetts is a vote for Bachmann, Blackburn, Steve King, Darrell Issa and every other christianist psychopath who will make up the Republican caucus of 2013 – be it the majority or the minority.

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