Looks Like Tom Arnold Really Was the Classy One

What have we learned over the last few months?

When a Twitter user accused Barr of transphobia, she tweeted back, “Women do not want your penises forced in their faces or in our private bathrooms. Respect that FACT.”

More recently, Barr tweeted: “I remember when the LGBT community stopped supporting NAMBLA” and claimed “I was instrumental in forcing lgbts to dis include man boy love as part of their program.”



I guess we can presume that the proof of this is honeymooning in some gold-toileted, car-elevator-encrusted sister-wife hideaway in Utah right along with Mitt Romney’s tax returns and the evidence of Mary Daly’s renouncement of her trans-exterminationist works, eh?  Right along with an explicit statement from you that clarifies the implication of what your curent hissy fit represents your position to be: namely, that, (1) even if you view pre-op trans women as men, you nevertheless do view trans women who have had SRS to be women, (2) you have no problem with post-SRS trans women being in what you feel you have the right to demarcate as women’s space, and (3) that you’re willing to say this to the radphlegm exterminationists who are, at this moment, lathering up to christen you as their new martyr, eh?

But even beyond that (for, after all, we all know that Queerty – along with Shillerico, AmericaBog, Joe.My.Clod and TowleToad are fact-free zones)…

With this we can clearly see the swiss-cheesiness of the Barr brain.

I was instrumental in forcing lgbts to dis include man boy love as part of their program

I seem to recall the war over NAMBLA involvement being concluded at least 15 years ago (in many locales  more), and I doubt seriously if any Ts were in any position to take part in the rightful exclusion of actual pedophiles (although, as I’ve heard one old-time gay rights activist note: on at least a couple of occasions, the so-called NAMBLA representative attempting to get involved with gay pride organizational affairs turned out to be an undercover cop) from LGB(T) anything because the obnoxious exterminationists for whom this obnoxious, over-the-hill, never-really-funny-in-the-first-place ‘comedian’ is carrying historical water had long since pretty much ensured that no trans people – irrespective of plumbing -had any place in the gay rights movement.

Stick with national-anthem-singing, Roseanne.


  1. It is fascinating to note that when Roseanne Rosannatransdamnna
    made her first appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1985, that first standup monologue took a cheap shot at us.

    She was in whining mode describe herself as a “domestic goddess” who spends her days laying on the couch eating bonbons watching soaps and

    “..tuning in to that Donohue show. You could learn something from that show. I didn’t even know it was possible to be a woman trapped in a man’s body!… [big laugh]. Well, you live, you learn, I guess.”

    Her first appearance was such a big hit with Johnny that her future in show business was assured.

    And 27 years later she has proved the adage.
    “Some people never learn.
    And if you live long enough, you can unlearn even if you did.”

    • Thanks for reminding me of that.

      Once a no-talent transphobic asshole who lives off the flatulent, brainless dregs of the Reagan-Bush era, always a no-talent transphobic asshole who lives off the flatulent, brainless dregs neo-radphlegmmery.

  2. It’s encouraging to see a candidate engages community with respect and a serious approach to address their systemic inequality and abuse by the larger community.

    Gives one hope for a brighter tomorrow.

  3. […] At this point, I’ll turn things over to leftytgirl, because that above apparently preceded Ms. Blah’s ahistoric nonsense about (Ms. Blah being involved in the expulsion, from a T-inclus…: […]

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