I Always Knew There Were Other Reasons to Loathe Roseanne Barr


  1. Well – she can do whatever she wants in her private bathroom.

    Public rest rooms are not her private bathroom. And – no one certainly wants her sticking her vagina in their faces – she must behave very differently than most people when taking care of a necessary bodily function. Surprised she hasn’t been arrested yet.

  2. […] fly with a series of transphobic tweets that makes me wonder if she went to Michfest this year. The transphobic Twitter exchange was driven by guess what, the bathroom […]

  3. I can’t find this conversation on Twitter itself or SnapBird. Can you post the time stamp of “I have challenged Jill2 debate …”? Thanks!

    • While I copied that specific screensnap from Facebook and I did not see them simply by looking at Roseanne’s Twitter feed, I’ve found – I believe – all of the tweets encompassed therein by doing a search on Twitter for ‘Qaiel.’ That yielded those, as well as some others which were related and in response to some (all? sorry, but I’m not a Twitter expert) of those.

    • Actually, I think this may be the URL for that particular tweet.

      • Yes, thank you. I appreciate the follow up. I’m not a Twitter guru either and am finding it hard a hard place to travel in.

  4. Why didn’t Roseanne Barr’s anti-trans* tirade on Twitter get virtually any media coverage?…

    endablog2.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/i-always-knew-there-were-other-reasons-to-loathe-roseanne-barr It seems almost everyday, someone new is being ripped to shreds in the media over anything that could be interpreted as even slightly homophobic. Why is o…

  5. I found your blog while looking up this subject. This screenshot looks like the same one I saw on twitter, but I’m going to link to your blog and credit you for it if that’s okay.

    • As Ned Flanders would say: Okeley dokeley.

  6. […] you Enda Blog 2.0 for the […]

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