HRC Says That Maintaining Third-Class Status for Trans People is Being ‘On the Right Side of History’


“Roy McDonald stood on the right side of history and voted with the best interest of all New York families at heart when he stood up to support marriage equality,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.

You mean that isn’t what Griffin meant when he praised a Republican New York state senator who supported the gay want of marriage while not expending any energy or political capital on the trans need of rectification the now-almost-decade-old anti-trans political hate crime known as SONDA?

The sound you hear is Griffin and the other memners of Rhode Island Avenue’s permanent employment class – including Ms. A-Preacher-Is-Always-Better-Than-a-Lawyer-or-an-Activist-With-Relevant-Experience-Right? (whose four-plus years of unjustified employment there has benefited any trans person other than herself….how?) – crafting the perfect new catch phrase for use in its first post-Nov. 6 ENDA-related press release to justify support for the gay-only ENDA that will be ramrodded through Congress should President Obama end up with even the slimmest of Democratic majorities in both houses to work with at the start of his second term.

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