Awwwww….Corporate Media Would Never Carry Water for Corporatist Gay(-Only) Rights-Oids, Would it?

From Kelli Busey on Facebook:

There is NO mention about our exclusion from the the amendment by local Memphis media, and there’s a reason for that. They were told by the proponents of the amendment (I guarantee it wasn’t the opponents) that talking about transgender people would only hurt the chances of the amendments success. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.

Sad, since the events that led to the realization protections were need by ALL LGBT people was Transgender woman Duanna Johnson’s beating by the police and her subsequent execution with a single, small caliber shot to her face.

From the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

“We know that our opponents are mobilizing. We know they’ve been told to show up and fill the front pews (at City Hall),” said Jonathan Cole, vice president of the Tennessee Equality Project. “We are here to make sure that Memphis enters the 21st century.”

Well, if he really believes that then he and his organization will tell the City Council that if they’re not going to pass an ordinance that protects those most in need, then they don’t want the Council to pass any version of the ordinance.

Imagine an LGBt rights group that would be ethical enough to take that stand, eh?

I know…

It would take a lot of imaginin’….

Even more than what it takes to imagine a trans person being employed by NGLTF as its trans expert.

Don’t let HRC-style transphobia take hold in Tennessee.

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