Spiro Agnew – But Without Any of the Redeeming Qualities


Mitt the Flip is looking – visually – more and more like Screw You Agnew.

And as for all other respects?

Well, as Josh Marshall says, “this is when you learn they’re not ready.” Or at least when your suspicions become manifest.

The roof has caved in on Mitt Romney, beyond even Chuck Todd and Peggy Noonan’s criticism of his mishandling of his response to the murders of American diplomats in Libya and Cairo. Now it seems that everyone involved in the diplomacy business are pronouncing him unfit:

“They were just trying to score a cheap news cycle hit based on the embassy statement and now it’s just completely blown up,” said a very senior Republican foreign policy hand, who called the statement an “utter disaster” and a “Lehman moment” — a parallel to the moment when John McCain, amid the 2008 financial crisis, failed to come across as a steady leader.

So what’s the line now on when Romney will withdraw as the Republican nominee?

Friday – during standard ‘document dump’ time?

Keep a look out for printers who suddenly get a bunch of orders for ‘Ryan-Christie’ materiel.

1 Comment

  1. That’s one scary “seperated at birth”.

    Poor Willard. He’s so desperate he’s got to swing for the fences on every pitch – sight unseen. He’s got nothing positive – and people don’t like him and think he’s a dick who’d laugh when he fired your mother.

    He’s scratching his head and wondering “where did all the yes men go? The people who served me used to eat this shit up.”

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