Time for Clint to Paint His Wagon…in an Alzheimer’s Ward

I talk to the trees,
But they never listen to me.

Perhaps Clint should have stuck to talking to trees – because most humans certainly did hear the ‘unscripted’ (why, of course there’s always an empty chair conveniently on the state of national political conventions; how dare you ask otherwise?), ummmm…., speech?

Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics tweeted:

“I’d feel better if I knew for sure that Clint doesn’t see anyone in the chair. :)”

I’m sure that CNN had to cut all mics other than Clint’s for fear of catching Wall Street Barbie Burnett having an orgasm at the mere thought of being in the same building as Clint’s, ummm…, Smith & Wesson.

Crooks & Liars noticed someone not having an orgasm, however:

It was truly bizarre and cameras caught Paul Ryan cringing in the audience, a reaction shared by many of us watching.

I talk to the chair….

…because it makes more sense than I do.

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  1. Those clouds are in need of some serious yelling at!

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