Did All of HRC’s Ghost Members Come Back to Life?

Seen recently in an e-mail from the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool:

The scampaign has a mil-plus members?


Real memebrs?

Not including members of the ‘schmucks who may, for some reason, have given HRC at least $1.00 – and their identifying info – at some point’ variety?

And we’re to belive that, after allegedly getting rid of all of those ghost members, the organization that, subsequently to that piece, showed an even higher level of con-artistry via its actions in the 2007 ENDA debacle, hired a token trans woman whose only experience was being in the military and being a baptist preacher, continues not to hire any other trans women with legitimate and relevant experience, and is rather transparent about being an all-gay-marriage-all-the-time front group, the non-ghost membership is almost double what the ghost membership of 2005 was?

This fall, we’re honestly facing more threats at once than we have since 2004. We’ve got heavily-funded, extremist-backed marriage campaigns in Maryland, Washington, Minnesota, and more – and rights are on the line. They want to throw equality beyond our reach.

Anti-LGBT candidates could grab hold of everything from state houses to the White House. And a constitutional ban on marriage equality? That’s on the table if things don’t go our way.

Well, considering that in Washington, Maryland and Maine, marriage is only on the ballot because gays forced it to be in play in a presidential election year…

well, you know.

I wonder if all of the ghost members know.



  1. I like that accounting method!

    It means I’m much more popular than I thought – do you have any idea how many people I’m dating using this standard?

    Lord knows how I keep them all straight.

    • As long as none of them are named Keisling, Griffin or Brennan, I wouldn’t worry about numbers.

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