Worth Barfing (On) [UPDATED]

Visit TransAdvocate on Facebook to investigate how to appropriately respond to the latest from bugvomit.


This is the text of the TransAdvocate plea being amplified on Facebook:

Please write to Linda Rusch, Chair, ABA Business Law Section, c/o Gonzaga Univ School of Law, PO Box 3528, Spokane, WA 99220-3528; lrusch [at] lawschool.gonzaga.edu and ask that Cathy Brennan be removed as a liaison to the ABA’s Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.


  1. I’m not on the book of face. Is it all right if I forward this to a few judges I’m acquainted with instead? They may be.

    • I’d forward it to appropriate mental health professionals as well – and maybe even some psychology/psychiatry grad students who might be interested in doing a thesis on someone sufficiently disturbed to concoct something like that.

      • Given her boudless artistic ability / Perhaps I should add her Alma Mater to the list?

  2. Oy. Some folk just can’t help themselves. They just insist upon being an idiot. … Who are we to stop them? 🙂

    • Between bugvomit and Mitt the Twit…..

  3. Being female does not qualify you as a woman.
    Do the women want to be taken back and where are they going?

    • Probably wherever the Tea Party nutbags want to take the country to.

  4. Katrina, Rose,

    I am one of those said professionals. I wouldn’t touch this at all. Also, she’d be inclined to out me if I do anything. I’d also be dismissed as a “tool of the patriarchy.” Carolyn Ann has provided very cogent and incisive commentary on these exclusionists/exterminationists.

  5. Last time I saw a face like Cathy Brennan’s, it was on a snapping turtle. And notice in the videos how every time the word penis is mentioned, Cathy Brennan appears to lick her thin cruel lips.

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